Julia Robertshound

6/18/12: Julia is healing nicely, but still needs another 6 weeks before she will e 100% walking and running on the leg. 

4/26/12:  Julia had Anterior Cruciate Repair surgery.  In other words repair of a torn tendon.  She will be under as much confinement and rest as possible for the next 6 weeks and then a little more latitude for another 6 weeks.  For a hound, that is a pretty tough order.

Sponsor Julia
Her surgery was $489.95  Any donation will help
$25 will provide food for a month.
$18 will provide preventatives for a month.
$12 will provide nutritional supplements to promote a full, healthy life.
Jan 2012: Julia's adopter died so she has returned along with Bonnie.  Luckily we have had enough contact through the years that this is still familiar to her.  Julia is 5 years old now.  Sweet, affectionate girl.  She is well mannered, no issues.  Aside from too many 'treats' she has been very well taken care of.  She is going on a diet to lose about 15 pounds.  She is just under 100 pounds!!  Hardly that 30 pound pup in the bottom photos. 

May 19, 2009:  Finally remembered to take the camera over to get some current pix of Julia.  She is so happy with her human friend and her canine playmate.  Sadly she has lost her 2 pint size playmates to old age.  She obviously misses them and spent many weeks looking for the last one who crossed the rainbow bridge just last month.  Bindy will keep her occupied and on a heavy exercise diet until Bindy finds a new home.  There is a breed ban so Bindy can't stay. 

It was great watching her play and getting some great photos of this gorgeous girl. 

11/03/08:  I saw Julia just a few weeks ago.  She is getting fat!  I teased Clyde about spoiling her with treats.  I will try to remember to get photos next time she is here.

June/07: Julia was adopted locally so I get to see her often. She has grown into quite a big girl, weighing almost 70 pounds!  Her coat has lightened and is a golden tan.  She remembers me when she comes to visit.  She has a wonderful 'daddy' who is as pleased having her as she is with having him.  She still tries to be a lap dog but settles for curling up on the sofa with her head in her human's lap.
Please listen to my story
And you will surely see
Why I am a special girl
And you should adopt me

I was happy as a puppy
Until they threw me out
I wandered around aimlessly
Not knowing what life was about



I ended up in a shelter
The space was pretty small
I had food and water
But that was pretty much all

I craved love and attention
But my time was up, you see
Luckily a lady came that day
And said she'd rescue me


She said I have such pretty eyes
And my legs are oh so long
I have a great disposition
So what had went so wrong?

I'm living in a safe place
Where I can play and roam
Although I really like it here
I'm waiting for a MY home


So please won't you adopt me?
With kids and dogs, I'm great
I'm waiting for a loving home
That will be worth the wait!