Phoenix (aka Joy)

3/23/10:  Just have one picture recently. This is the little puppy after she has taken another of her dips in the pond. The ice finally thawed and we let the dogs run and of course Phoenix just had to take a swim.  She is the sweetest thing. Follows me all around the property and doesn't try to get out like the male Pyr we got or the mongrel.  She is afraid of loud noises and thunder and gun shots, also firecrackers. She also does not like to walk on our hardwood floors so we put a rug down so she can come inside (that is when she is not smelling of pond muck) and lay down. She is very protective, seems like a trait in female Pyrs.  We have had 3 females so far and all have taken to the protective side of Pyrs, but is great with kids and people she knows.  She doesn't have the urinary problem you described about her sisters and as you can see by the pic,  she loves to eat... ha ha  Thanks for letting me get Phoenix.  She is my sweet heart. She just loves to be around me and get petted.  lyn

7/04/07:  Phoenix (aka joy) is doing great. She has a slight problem from the stitches for the spaying, so we are cleaning the area every
day until the small hole closes on its own. As far as the urinary problem, well when she comes in and gets nervous she will pee a bit. But I wouldnít say she has a leaking problem as she doesnít do it outside or inside unless she gets scared or something frightens her. She is a bit shy I guess you could say when she is inside the house or goes somewhere new.  But she didnít have any accidents at the vets office and she was nervous there. But if you find out anything about Faith let me know and I can talk to my vet about it.
    She is great. What a lover. As I said before she just loves my husband and canít get enough snuggles in during the day. She does have a voice though, Dakota our other Pyr just sits back and looks while she sounds her trumpet. Maybe he will one day decide he needs to join in with our other two girls but at the present he is satisfied to listen to them. Phoenix weighed 77 pounds when we took her in to the vet. Iíll take a few pix of her before we let her roam again (keeping her confined until the hole closes ) as she will undoubtedly go right for the pond and swim her little heart out.

4/22/07 Update from the new mommy:  Hi carol, I just read the updates . So glad all the puppies have a forever home. I guess i just fell in love with all of them. Phoenix (joy) is just a "joy". She is so sweet. we take out walks around the 8 acres at least once but usually 2 -3 times a day. I'm trying to get her and Dakota acquainted with the whole property. They (pups) just love the ponds Especially Phoenix she runs into and out of and back into and rough houses with Dakota and autumn until they all 3 have a dunk in the pond , mud and muck. She is mostly coming now when I call her name or whistle unless she has found something interesting to investigate. She caught a small bass today . I thought she was playing with a stick until Dakota and autumn went to see what she had. oh well .. I've decided a bath a week is all I can manage as soon as they are clean they are back in the pond or creek. As you can see by the pictures she has grown and her hair is covering her whole body now > It is blending toward gray.  She doesn't have any of those black spots any more. I just wanted to say thanks and I'm so happy the others found homes too. Doug is smitten with her and she just loves him . She is a person dog, she plays well with Dakota and Autumn but I think she would rather just sit by Doug or I and be petted and just watch the other 2 play. Not to say she doesn't like to explore; that she does. The pictures are bathed and the bottom is after a romp in the woods, creek, pond and what ever. Take care and thanks again. We really love her. Lyn

Joy is on the left

Joy has come a long way, as you can see above.  Click Here are photos of her early days in rescue.

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