Journey aka Otis

     I just thought I'd send you an update on the big white dog now named Otis.  He's doing great!  ..... It took me forever to come up with a name but we're pretty happy with Otis and he definitely knows who I'm talking to.
    Your advice on on not letting Badger boss him around was perfect. The  marking in the house has stopped and they are starting to play together more. I think she's a little intimidated by his size when he starts going into crazy puppy, whirling-dervish mode but they've made big strides. He is now better with the cat than Badger is and the cat loves him.  See the attached pic of the 2 of them on the couch. He and the cat both sleep with me, Badger starts out there but she never stayed all night anyway.  He is a bed hog though. :) happy
     I took him for a first visit to the new vet who I found, who also happens to breed Great Pyrenees. I loved the vet and he loved Otis.  He said he was in good shape other than tapeworms. Ick.  He is up to 78 pounds now!
      Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how he is.  Thanks again for helping me add such a great dog to the family!   Laura


8/26/11: Tomorrow Journey will be embarking on a journey to his forever home in KY.  He will have a new family consisting of a canine, a feline and a human.  Thanks Laura for opening your heart and home to this guy and your willingness to make a long trip to get him.

Journey is an amazing guy.  Totally loveable, knows commands, great on leash, rides perfect, great with other dogs.  Why anyone would neglect and dump such a perfect boy is beyond me.   He lost a lot of hair in the de-matting process, but he feels so much better.  He can walk without feeling the pull and scratch without getting his paw tangled.  He is much taller then he looks in the photos.

Old English Sheepdog & Pyrenees mix.  I'm guessing 2 years old.  70 pounds and gaining.

Before the bath
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