6/10/16:  JoJo has been here a almost a year.  Still requires a lot of patience as he is so full of life and happiness.  He will never outgrow the puppy stage.  If it is within his reach, which almost everything is, it is his.  Once he is told "no" on a particular thing, he will not touch it.... until the picture changes.  Slipper by the bed.."no"  he will leave them alone.  Slippers left by the bath tub... that has to be clarified also and so on.  Do not counter surf my lunch today.   Do not counter surf my dinner today.   He is not dumb by any meaning of the word.  He just has this whole thing figured out.  Each day is a new day so therefore a new beginning!  He is funny...if you have a good dog sense of humor.  The dust mop cannot move without him on top on it helping.  The vacuum makes a lot of noise.  He needs to bark at it to make it quiet.  The broom has too many bristles.....   I love this crazy nut!  He is definitely different.  He is like Peter Pan, who will never grow up. 

1/06/16:  JoJo is making great progress although he is still catching up on the puppyhood he missed.  Still a bit of 'marking' problems inside, but only where another of the house pack has marked.  He does the doggie door now just fine.  When I 'round up' the Komondors for dinner feeding, he goes out and instinctively helps as a Scotch Collie was bred to do.  He circles behind and gently directs them through the gates to their evening area.  He is good on leash and in the car.  He minds well and comes when called.  He loves to snuggle. And he loves to play.

What JoJo needs:  First off, JoJo needs a calm place to go through heartworm treatment.  He needs to be with someone who can confine him to a small area inside the house (bathroom with natural light) and let him out on leash for potty breaks.  Calm love and attention and a bevy of treat filled Kong toys and Nylabones.  

Once the heartworm treatment is complete,  JoJo needs a strong athletic person.  He would love a mile run twice a day or a farm where he could be part of the work force.  Although near 5 years old, he is ready to learn.  He could learn agility for fun.  He is packed full of energy and excitement about life. 

He needs time both inside and outside.  He is too big for a typical apartment and he can get vocal at times.  He would need at least a 4' fence.  Once he knew he belonged, he would probably not attempt to jump it although he easily could.  He could not be left alone outside without a 6' dog secure fence. or he would come looking for his people.  Left alone for long periods of time, like typical 9 hour work day, he could get in trouble.  Having a canine companion would help, if that is the case.  His happy home would be with a 'work at home' x-military or athlete, be it rural or sparsely populated suburb.  He needs to be kept busy. 

12/02/15:  JoJo remains a delight.  He can jump as if he were on a trampoline.  He loves playing with the other dogs.  Entices them to play but is ok if they don't want to.  Is really great with human attention.  Does need exercise, either with another dog or walks with a human.  His curiosity of new things has settled down.  He is much less inquisitive then he was a few months ago.

8/3/15:  JoJo has joined the house pack. 
    JoJo had a time with the vacuum.  I'm not sure what he thought.  I am sure it was a brand new experience.  He chased it, barked at it, nipped at it, raced circles around me and it.  I removed him and closed the door when I steam cleaned. 
     JoJo is a delight other then needing more potty training.  He just does not like that doggie door flap after it slapped him in the face the first day.   He is pretty confident on "in" but not fond of "out".  And while on the subject of potty... I've had dogs who think me sitting on the pot creates a captive audience for petting.  I'm usually followed so closely, I can't get the door closed between me and them.  At least one makes it through.  I usually don't even bother to try to close the door.  JoJo is no exception.  Where he is the exception is his efforts beyond the 'pet me' point.  Paw in my underwear.  Attempts to climb in my lap.  Nose in my crotch.  I'm not sure if he wants to smell or see what is making that tinkling noise.  Toilet paper... he wants to help.  No JoJo, I need more then one square.  No, JoJo, I don't need the whole roll.  Can we learn to count to 4? 
      He has discovered toys!  But we need to make a distinction.  Not everything in his reach is a toy.  Not everything on the floor is a toy.  Fuzzy little animal shaped things that might still squeak are probably a toy... unless it is alive.  Then you can kill it as we do not have cats or birds or gerbils.  Things mommy puts on her feet are not toys.   Things that hold up mommy's boobs are not tuggy toys.  And dirty underwear are not chew toys.  Paper is not a chew toy.  An empty box is not a chew toy.  Neither is a full box. 
     He has discovered special treats in his food bowl.  Only house dogs get them every day.  The outside dogs do on occasion.  No, JoJo, the treat topping on every bowl is not yours.  Just in your bowl. 
     Going for a walk.  I have to get Goofy out first thing or 'it' falls and flows out.  I grab Parker and Zelda also.  Parker because he is old and sweet and Zelda because she will deliberately pee on the floor if I leave her behind.  That now leaves 5 who want to go and are left behind until a second trip.  No, JoJo, do not jump up on the glass door.  No, JoJo, do not catch the deadbolt with your paw and lock me out. No, JoJo, do not race into the family room and try to open the window THROUGH the vertical blinds.  JoJo, you can watch from the yard.... oh, that's right, you don't do "out" on the doggie door yet.  At least he has not figured out how to lock the family room door like the ghost was doing.  So second trip, I take 5 dogs.  JoJo in the lead.  
JoJo is my shadow.  He never had a human to call his own before.  His humans were in the house while he lingered outside tied up or in a small pen.  He never got to come into the house.  He never got loved on.  I can pretty much be sure of that as when he got drool on the lady who owned him, she like freaked to get it washed off.  When you love a dog, drool is part of the equation.  So is dog hair and eventual incontinence.  11:30 a.m. and the morning events wore sweet JoJo out.  He sleeps at the side of my desk.  It was a busy morning.   

7/3/15: JoJo is good on leash and in the car.  Said to be good with cats.  Loves water.   He can be quite fun to watch.  A great personality.  Gets along with other dogs .  He is 4 years old.  92 pounds.  He is Scotch (Old Farm) Collie and Pyrenees.  Heartworm positive.

He spent his first 3 years of life on a chain.  The last year in a dirty 6' x 10' kennel with a non-insulated wood dog house.  Despite his lack of attention and proper care, he has a great personality.  No food or other dog issues.  Just so happy to have a big yard, another dog to interact with and some people attention.