Jericho has been adopted by a wonderful lady.  I could not be happier for him.
1/18/12: Jericho was in pretty rough shape.   History is pretty much unknown.  He and Shylo ended up at the vets office with no where to go.  Ozark Dogs has a soft spot for Pyrenees, no matter what shape they are in.  All Creatures vet will be treating him for heartworms around mid April after he completes the pre-treatment.  He tips the scale at 143 pounds!!!  Talk about a giant Pyrenees!  He did lose about 5 pounds when I spent an hour cutting away mats on just his tail.  Poor fella. He could not lift it and the poop stuck.   He was obviously shaved down completely last spring.  I hate that because he will never have that outer protective coat again.  He is just one big cotton ball of undercoat so he will need to be inside in wet weather.  His coat will act like a sponge.  He tolerated the bath and finally accepted the blower.  That was his biggest fear was that loud sound.
    He is coming around quickly to relax and trust.   Once he knew I was helping him and not going to hurt him, he laid down so I could cut the mats.  We do have a hard time convincing him a car ride was a good thing.  He needs leash work.  I think he was jerked around, so when he is leashed and it tugs, he sits down.   We have been "practicing" and I think he will understand real soon that a walk on a leash is a 'together' thing and fun, not a forceful, bad thing. 
    He has had x-rays and the good news is, his hips and spine are in great shape.  Bad news, he had an old knee injury that was never treated and now he has severe arthritis in it.  They don't have knee replacement surgery for dogs. 
Freshly groomed
Before the bath
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