6/04/10: Thought you might like to see some pics of JC and Suggar ...he is doing good.
4/12/10:  Jason has become so mature the past 2 weeks.  Totally trustworthy in the house.  Sleeping inside at night.  Giving a questioning look for permission to come inside when he has been outside.   Complete respect for the other dogs.  He has quit trying to find his place in the pack and settled in.

 Easter 2010:  Jason plays with Shiloh while some of the others watch.


Jason and Shiloh


Shiloh and Jason

Goofy, Shiloh and Jason


3/29/10:  Jason has been fostered by Sue for about 6 weeks.  He thrived on the special attention but was a little lost while she was gone during the day. He is back, re-joined the pack with little fanfare other then the dig in the wet weather creek.  Pyrs are usually self cleaning, but I think a bath will be in order on this occasion.

2/01/10: Jason is maturing into quite a polite boy. He is about 10 -11 months old. He still has a happy, playful puppy charm, but passed the destructive stage. He will lay down by your feet or off in an out of the way corner, but ever watchful of his people. He is social, affectionate and appreciative of attention. He loves walks and car rides. He loves anything that involves him being with his people and meeting new people. He is good with other dogs and loves to entice them to play.

11/17/09: Jason is either a music critic or a really good watch dog.  While I was cooking chicken I turned on my stereo.  It's been awhile since I've had it on and some of the newer dogs have not heard 'voices coming from the ceiling' (where the speakers are).  The first song was an Elvis tune.  Jason did not want the strange man in the house.  He was barking and running back and forth from one side of the kitchen to the other barking up at the sound.  He was obviously very confused how this one person could be in 2 places and yet not be seen.   His expressions of curiosity were priceless.  When an instrumental came on, he calmed down and went off to chew a bone.

11/04/09:  Jason is a happy, playful, social fella who is eager for attention.  He is about 7 months old.  He loves walks and car rides.  He loves anything that involves him being with his people and meeting new people.   He is very smart and learns fast. He is good with other dogs and wants to be friends if they will let him.

The other part of his Pyrenees mix is most likely from a herding breed as he is more active then a typical Pyr this age.  He herds Tiya around the kennel and pretty much treats her like a goat or calf.  "You go her, you go there, you go in your dog house."  They play but he is definitely likes 'working' her.  He needs a large yard and a lot of exercise with an interactive family.  He is a guardian and will bark away intruders, be they real or imaginary.  Adjustment to a residential neighborhood would be forthcoming, but it would take time and patience because of his alertness to everything in his surroundings.  A country setting would be ideal.   

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