Ivory aka Duddits

This is why I have such a hard time 'quitting'.  This is what makes every day worth the effort:    Victoria Lemonds Hi! It (facebook) still won't let me post but will at least let me comment on another post so hope you see this. Duddits had such a good day today I over did a bit and had to have a sit for a while. All of a sudden she brought over one of her toys and put it and her head in my lap. I said, "Duds, I'm too tired. I can't play" and she smiled, walked a bit of a ways and then started hopping up and down like Tigger until I was laughing. I have never seen a dog hop like Tigger nor have I ever laughed that hard during a flare. She is so good not only as a service dog but as a heart friend. The last of the meetings are Thursday for the hearing aides and then on to take care of the blindness. But a gentle beast will walk with me. I can never thank you enough.
adopted---   Born Nov 1, Ivory will soon be 7 mo. old. She is a big love.  No issues.  Gets along with the other younger pups.  Just your typical happy-go lucky Komondor - Pyr mix.  The mix I personally love best.  The mellowness of the Pyr with the silliness of the Komondor.  She has settled right in and happy as can be.  Only happier is if she gets that perfect forever home I know is out there for her.