1/07/10: Carol,
  I hope you had a good holiday and your year is off to a good start. I just wanted to give you an update on Isabelle. We have had her two years this month. She is beautiful. She loves her people and she is spoiled rotten. We just got back from a walk and she met a couple of new friends on the way. She especially loves to stick by me at all times. I don't know what we did before we had her. I am afraid I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say you can't just have one Great Pyrenees. Have a great 2010!!!!!!     Lisa
12/21/08:  Carol,
  Thank you for the email regarding the dangerous toy. I would also like to wish you a merry Christmas and thank you again for the work that you do. Thanks to you, we have our precious Isabelle.  Just to remind you... I came and got her last January. She is so big and beautiful now. She is so good. She loves to go on walks and go to Petsmart. She is spoiled rotten though. Such a "momma's girl".  My golden retriever treats her like a spoiled baby sister.  Thought I would send you some updated pictures for you to see how she has grown. Thanks again. God bless.   Lisa

March 6, 08:  I just wanted to give you an update on Isabelle.  She now weighs about 37 pounds and is quite the diva. I have enclosed some pictures of her with some of her buddies.  The red dog is ours and the black one belongs to our daughter. Isabelle loves to play and romp with them and they really baby her.  She loves to go to Petsmart and meet new friends.  We are crazy about her and spoil her rotten. Thank you for calling me and letting me know she was available for adoption.  She was definitely the special one that we waited so long to find.

2/08/08:   Here are a couple of pics of Isabelle.  She weighs 25lbs. now and is adorable.  She has a constant protector in my son's dog, Axel.  He watches over her 24/7.  He has taught her all kinds of dog things, like it is not acceptable to stand in another dog's bowl of food and eat it.  He will growl and she will move away.  If one of us tells her to get out of his food bowl though, he stands between us and her.  He apparently thinks that she is his to raise and he doesn't need our input! We are really enjoying her and I think she knows she has it pretty good.  Keep in touch and I'll send you updates on Isabelle.  Lisa
Jan 31, 08: Well, her actual name is "Isabelle", but we call her The Queen.  She is a treasure.  So far she can sit, lay down, and walk on a leash. She is growing so fast. I don't think I will be able to pick her up in another month.  My son moved back home and brought his golden retriever. Isabelle treats him like her own private chew toy.  He adores her and if we get on to her for chewing or something, he is right there to make sure we do it right.  I have taken more pictures of her than of my children and I will get those to you soon.      Lisa

Jan. 3: Just thought I would let you know that we made it home just fine.  Both of my boys were here to meet her when I got home.  She is a huge hit!  Even my Mom had to drop by to see the new baby. I am almost 95% sure we are going to call her Isabelle. That is the only name we can all agree on so far. She has not had an accident in the house yet.  I take her out and she does her business.  I will send you some pictures soon. Thank you so much for calling and letting me know that she was available. I promise that we will love her and give her a very good home.

Puppy "girl D" has been adopted.  She has a real family and a real name!  Here is what she looked like when brought into rescue.

First on left in last pix

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