3/25/11: Irene just took a giant step into maturity.  We struggled through her terrible teens, with her thinking she was queen and all the other dogs should bow to her wishes.  But a transformation took place this past week.  I was almost ready to send her off to a specialized trainer, but maybe she read my mind and decided if she was going to stay until she got a forever home, she better toe the line. 

Big dog aggression issues seem to be over!!!  Yeah!!!  She still wants to nudge in for her share of attention, but as Caesar would say, just a little calm assertiveness (and a 'shush' ) does the trick.  I think this will pass when she is not sharing her people with 10 other dogs.  Small dogs might still be a problem as she never did like Miniature Pinchers, even when she was in her terrible twos a long time ago. 

I have always trusted her completely around people, including infants.  She is sweet, loving, gentle and tolerant.  She still needs a little leash work but if you want to hook her up to a cart and give your children a ride, she would not tire out. 

She is spayed, heartworm negative, current on shots and micro-chipped.  Even though she only has single dews I suspect she's still a purebred Pyrenees.  

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