Hush aka Carl
8/25/11:  Hi Carol!
    Just wanted to let you know that Hush, whose name went from Wilson to Hudson to Carl (I don’t know why, but it just seems to suit him!) has settled in really well! He and George Bailey are BEST friends now. In fact, I even had to shut the baby gate and keep them downstairs last night because they decided that 3 am was an excellent time to play in my bedroom. They absolutely love each other, and best of all, Carl absolutely loves me… and I, him! What a lover he is! And such a comedian. He definitely entertains me.
     And he learns SO FAST! With just a little work over the last few days, and a lot of patience for his puppy attention span, he has already learned to stop jumping on people, to sit politely when I come home from work and wait for me to pet him, sit so I can put on the leash, and perhaps most impressive, he will wait by his food bowl for me to get it ready… and then he will wait for me to say “ok” before diving in. He is so eager to learn and please. Such a delight............ 
    Thanks, Mindy  
8/21/11:  Hush has been adopted.  He is going home with this wonderful lady and her beautiful George Bailey.  

7/20/11:  Hush gets greater every day.  He gets along with everyone.  He has 'moved into the house' full time and taken up sleeping under my bed.  It is quite a tight fit but I don't have to dust under there anymore :-) He is totally trustworthy.  Has not gotten into anything and never marked.  Getting good on leash.  He does still want to drive in the car.  Good at the groomers.  He hardly ever barks.  I guess he got it all out of his system the first 2 hours of the trip here.

He is recovering from several hot spots.  Treated by the vet, he got an allergy shot so hopefully no more.  The hair is on it's way to growing back on his side, but the one on his rump was just shaved and treated.

5/3/11: During the 2 hour transport, this young fella thought his name was 'hush' as that is about all her heard out of my mouth:-)  Had he been on my lap in the back seat, he would have been quiet, but having no idea of what he was like we play it safe and he was crated.  For poor Hush, it was just another unknown in a series of unknowns that had always turned out bad.  But no more bad luck for this guy!  He is great!  He just needed some human bonding, a canine friend and a large yard to run off some energy.  Not a peep out of him all night. 
     He is very affectionate, gives little kisses, likes to cuddle and fine with being handled.  He is unfamiliar with a leash but did amazingly well for the first walk.  Food is not high on his priority list so there should not be any issues there.  He has met both male and female dogs and no aggression.  He does play a bit rough and rolled the 10 week old pup but he is only a puppy himself.  He is about 7 months old and about 70 pounds.  He has a very broad chest and will be a big boy at maturity. 

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