11/07/09:  Hello, I was just thinking about you and the rescue and realized I had not written for a very long time. No worries though.  Hunter is doing wonderfully. He sure has grown into a big boy. He is topping out at 110 pounds! of course he thinks he is a small dog and has no problem squeezing into any chair in the house. We have a front door with a glass window in it. He loves to sit in the foyer staring out that window being sure no one comes up the porch.  He is really a big baby, he is usually backing up and hiding under the table while barking. It is hilarious. But he is there when we need him.
      I do have a story to share with you about our boy. One day this summer I was headed out the front door to check the mail. This is a common occurrence as it is in every household. Hunter was at the front window, ready to pounce if a stray fly came at me.  He is very good at protecting us from those juvenile delinquent insects that roam our neighborhood. To my surprise chaos erupted. I had no sooner stepped off the porch and a vicious pit bull, which I had never seen before, came tearing across the street with its teeth exposed and growls that sent chills down my spine. I ran up the porch and through the door, slamming it just as the dog ran straight into the door. Hunter went ballistic trying to get out at him.  I thought he was going to go through the window.  It was all quite unnerving. After a few minutes the dog left and I was able to get Hunter calmed down.  He spent the rest of the day guarding the window.  I think he was worried too that the mean dog would return, as was I.  But no sign of him.
      Later that evening, Hunter and I headed out the back door for our evening potty break. Everything seemed quite normal until all the hair on Hunters back stood up and before I could react he tore right past me almost knocking me to the ground.  That's when I saw him. the pitbull was back and was charging me from behind. I never even heard that dog. Hunter was on him so fast. (this was all taking place in our own yard!) The pitbull took one look at Hunter and sized him up. He must have decided he wouldn't win and tucked his tail and ran. Hunter went after him and I got up and went after Hunter. He chased that dog off our property but did not leave the property himself. He came right back to check on me. I've never been so thankful for that dog, I would hate to have known what the outcome for me could have been without my big bear Hunter there to watch out for me. And happily we were able to avoid a physical altercation between the two dogs.  We were on guard for several weeks as this pit roamed the neighborhood. I had many calls in to our local AC. It finally disappeared and I do not know what became of it. 
     Please know that we love this dog very much and he has proved that he loves us too!
Thanks,    Trina
2/05/09: I wanted to send you an update on Hunter now that we are all settled in here in Oregon.  Hunter really seems to love the cooler climate. I have enclosed a few pictures of him playing in the snow.  He was such a clown out there running through all the snow.  We had 18 inches over Christmas!
     He is one amazing dog. He loves to go hiking in the mountains with us on our backpacking trips.  He is very alert and attentive to the family making sure that we know of any potential danger that squirrels or butterflies may present LOL! I have full confidence that if any real danger presented itself Hunter would make sure we knew and protect us as well.  He is very fond of my son and they have developed a very close relationship.
     Thank you again for allowing Hunter to be a part of our family! Trina

July 22, 2008Just wanted to send you an update and a few photo's of our wonderful Hunter.  He has grown into quite the looker, absolutely beautiful and a personality to match.  He has adjusted well.  He has a quiet and gentle spirit although he will let me know if anything out of the ordinary should occur (such as dragonflies outside or the wind blowing). He is wonderful with the kids and with our Golden Retriever Drew.  I do believe Drew mothered Hunter and taught him all the proper behaviors for an indoor dog, they are amazing and we have been so blessed to have him. Thank you.

      The big news for us is that we are moving to Oregon at the end of August. So Hunter will be off to a cooler climate.  I was born and raised in Oregon and I am absolutely sure Hunter is going to love the cooler weather and a walk on the beach. I hope you enjoy these recent photos and to see how wonderful he is doing.

       Trina & family

Hunter went to his new home 1/06/08.  He has a Golden Retriever named Drew to play with as well as human brothers and sisters.
Hunter while in rescue

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