5/4/10:  Holly just had her annual exam and is doing exceptionally well.  We are managing her allergies and the folks at the vets office are so pleased with her thick coat.  Random fun fact . . .the hair on her hind legs is 10 inches long!!!
Nov. 07
9/02/07: We made a change to Holly's treatment a few weeks ago.  It is still early, but the preliminary results have been very good.  She has had no accidents for the last two weeks.  Holly has been taking Estradiol (a natural estrogen supplement) every three days.  It is pretty inexpensive.  The Estradiol had improved her situation at times, but the problems still existed on a fairly consistent basis.  A few weeks ago, in addition to Estradiol every three days, we added 1 Proin per day.  The combination of the two medicines really seems to be working.  As you know from Faith's treatments, the Proin is also inexpensive.  I thought you may want to pass this information along to the family that has adopted Faith or forward this email to them.  Also, feel free to give them our email address as we would like to continue to coordinate efforts to help both dogs.

8/08/07:  We have been keeping Holly in "diapers" and it has helped us avoid some otherwise unpleasant instances.  We will be taking Holly to the vet tomorrow  and would like to give our vet an update on the progress you have made with Faith. 

7/25/07: We have not been back to see the vet.  Holly's challenge continues.  However, she now is going through periods where she is ok for a couple days, and then has problems for a couple of days so we are hopeful that with continued treatment she will improve.  We will discuss this with Dr. Irwin when we see him again.  Despite the potty problem, Holly is a wonderful, happy dog.  She is very affectionate, and she loves to cuddle with us and Gertie.  She would cuddle with the cat, but he wouldn't dream of being seen with a dog.  Holly is a little over 60 pounds now.  How much does Faith weigh?  We attached a few new pictures.  You can see Holly in her diaper.  We are using pull-ups so she and everything else stays dry.  She only tears them off when we are not home.  Also, the backseat of our car wasn't big enough for both Holly and Gertie to be comfortable so we bought a new car so they could have room.  We attached a picture of them on their first ride in the new car.  We will talk to you soon, and we hope all is going well for you and Loren.  Remember, any time you need help near St. Louis, please let us know.

7/04/07: We have had Holly on the hormone supplement for several weeks now, and her problem is not getting better.  If anything, it is getting worse.  She urinates on herself almost every time she sleeps regardless of the amount of time she is asleep.  It happens overnight, and it happens when she takes an hour nap.  It is heartbreaking because she is a great dog.


7/13/07: Holly has improved since going on antibiotics, but we are not 100% sure her problem is solved.  We just keep working with her.  She is really happy.  We attached a few more pictures that we took today.


6/7/07:As Matt mentioned, we took Holly to the vet yesterday evening and then out for a walk.  We thought she was tired, but she and Gertie needed to get some play time in together.  So, when she passed out afterward in her kennel, we were not surprised (she is a heavy sleeper).  Well, she tinkled in her sleep - this is very unusual for her.  I called the vet today and they will see her tomorrow.  They think maybe it is low estrogen or a possible bladder infection.  We read about female dogs who have been neutered having a hormone deficiency that impacts the urinary sphincter.  Has your vet considered that for Faith?  We'll let you know what we learn tomorrow. 
6/8/07:You shouldn't worry at all. We love Holly, and we are willing to work through any issues she has.  We visited the vet again today.  We have talked to him about Holly and Faith since they are litter mates and their problems could be related.  Also, we think Faith is really sweet, and we want to help her and Holly.

6/6/07: Holly is doing great!  She is really settling in well.  Her coat continues to grow longer.  We take her and Gertie almost everywhere we go so she is starting to get over being so shy.  She is a wonderful dog.  

Holly is in her new forever home.  This time it is forever!

5/13/07: Email from her new family: We arrived at home at about 11:30 last night.  Holly slept most of the way, but by the last half hour she was becoming incredibly affectionate.  When we got home, I brought Gertie to the back yard (and let her sniff all of the smells off of my clothes).  Matt brought Holly in through the back gate and the two dogs met.  There was a lot of sniffing, but no hostility. We let the dogs spend some time outdoors and Holly explored the entire backyard.  It seem she really likes being on the hill and pouncing through the tall grass.

We came inside, met the Shadow (the cat) and had some dinner.  We cuddled for a while and finally went to bed around 12:30.  We got up about 7:00 and Holly has a small accident in the kennel, but we aren't worried - we couldn't see if she went potty last night because it was so dark.

Holly really loves the yard and spent a lot of time exploring this morning.  Gertie was a little standoffish - they would sniff, but when Holly tried to play Gertie would walk away.  So, Holly would come to Matt or I for some love and affection.  The cat is cranky at us for not inviting him in on the decision to add to the family, but he's all talk.  He is showing Holly who is boss by being a little vocal and hissing - Holly is not scared in the least (and Shadow has no front claws so don't worry).

We went outside again around 9:15 and Gertie decided it was time to teach her new little sister (she won't be the little one for long) how REAL dogs play.  Wouldn't you know it, they found the only dirt pile in the yard to do most of the wrestling!  They are having a ball!  We are thrilled.

I cannot believe someone gave this little girl back to you.  We are so glad they did.  She varies between a bundle of energy and a real snuggler.  We have had a lot of kisses already!

We snapped a few pictures this morning so that you could see how she is doing.  Enjoy!

Megan, Matt, Gertie, Shadow and Holly


This purebred Great Pyrenees puppy was born on Christmas eve with 6 littermates.  For the first 8 weeks of her life, she was exposed to very cold temperatures, crammed in tiny quarters and did not have enough room to stretch her legs.

On February 22, she and her littermates came into rescue.  When she was removed from the back of a filthy truck to be transported to his rescue home, it was apparent she was in dire need of help.  All the pups were in dire need of help.  They could barely walk, both front and back legs bent as if they had not been able to stand up in their previous confinement. And they were over 50% to 75% bald from Sarcoptic Mange.  Open sores oozed and bled; dirt crusted to their little hairless bodies.  Carefully they were placed in nice clean crates with soft bedding for the ride to the rescue home.

Since they were Christmas babies, they got Christmas names.  Holly seemed so appropriate a name for her.

After just 3 weeks of intensive nurturing, lots of natural remedies and some antibiotics, Holly was amazingly healthy, just still somewhat bald. Her hair has almost completely grown back and there is no sign of lasting scarring.  Actually she has quite a lovely coat with a lot of cream color.

4/08/07:  Holly is rather independent but still a real sweetheart. She is an explorer and will separate from the group to seek out new and interesting things, but when she realizes she is out of sight of the others, or her people, she will come running back.  She definitely needs a large fenced yard. She enjoys playing with her littermates as well as being held and petted by her people. She is a laid back puppy and waits for attention and takes what ever comes her way in stride, including the many baths she had to endure during her bout with mange. She is not too much for being cuddled but she does enjoy belly rubs. Holly is liable to be one of those dogs who will just be forgotten because she is so independent. She would do best with someone who really would be devoted to having her as a part of the family and being sure she was included in daily routines. She has dark ears and a very distinct "V" on her head.

Holly has been ready for her forever home for several weeks.  She is an adorable looking puppy and is going to grow into one very beautiful girl .


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