9/13/15:  Hercules is still a doll.  So very sweet and affectionate.  Loves to cuddle. He has blossomed in personality since he has been separated from his sister.  She mothered him and did not let him be active.  She worried about him.  He is getting to be a puppy for the first time. Loves to play in the water.  He loves to play with Harmony.  They wrestle and race around the yard every morning.  He is still on heart medication, but I really believe his heart is getting stronger with all the exercise.  He shows no signs of even having a heart problem, but we know from x-rays that he does.  He is great on leash now and good in the car.  Good in the house.  He has gotten no bigger.  Still a mini Pyr.
He will be 2 in January 2016..
This precious boy was not expected to make it to 6 months of age.  Born Jan 2014, he is now 16 months old.  His heart did not develop correctly, but aside from being very small, he looks and acts 100% healthy.  He is going to beat the odds!  In 2003 I rescued an ASD  with a bad heart.  A 'specialty vet' said she would not live to see 6 months so not bother to spay her.  Well, she just celebrated her 12th birthday!!!  This is the same specialty vet who saw Hercules.  Where there is a will to live and love from family, there are miracles.   He is on 3 medications which allow him to be as active and happy as any healthy dog his age.  He is learning to walk on leash and really enjoying those walks.  Learning not to fear the car rides. He is very sweet and affectionate.  He just wants to be cuddled and be loved.  He would be great with respectful children or adults of any age.  He won't be an endurance runner companion, but will fit into a normally active family just fine.  He is good with other dogs when properly introduced and confident they won't hurt him.  He knows he is a little guy for a Pyr.  He is with Xena, his sister, but they do not need to stay together.  There will be some security issues to work on when they are separated, but he will adjust quickly with a positive atmosphere.