2/7/11:   I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We had an awesome trip with both our kids .Heidi loved the farm all the animals and other dogs . She took up to my sister . She couldn't understand mommy and daddy on the horse but stayed right with us .She played with the other dogs it was quit the sight to see her so excited and playful .The road trip she loved as well . We stopped every hour and let them potty . But she will let you know if she has to go . Last week she seen a group of dogs at the doggy wash and she tried to get out to play . The trip did her so much good .She opens up a little every day. Thanks so much for our girl .                          Donna
1/16/11: Heidi is doing great. She is still timid but getting better around family and close friend . She went to friends house with us last weekend and even played with there dog. Loves our nightly walks around the block. And cries if we don't take her for a ride if we leave anywhere after work. She has gained a few pounds and is still a picky eater but does love treats.. And has no problem doing some begging for them. She goes on her first trip next weekend to Oklahoma to see my sister . We think she will love it.   Thanks So Much.   Donna
8/31/10:  We have been doing great . Heidi is eating very well had to cook up some chicken to put in her food .She sleeps on daddys side of bed . She met her vet this morning and had mico chip put in .   Donna

3/07/10: Heidi just lost her 84 year old 'mommy' and she is very confused.  She cuddles her mommy's pajamas for comfort.  Her mommies last wishes were for Heidi to get a wonderful home with people who would love and care for her for the rest of her life.
     Heidi is a purebred German Shepherd with a sweet disposition.  She has played with the neighbor dog Shadow (aka Spirit) and comes highly recommended by Shadows 'mommy'.  She is a tad shy of quick hand movements and is sensitive to harsh voices. Something must have happened in her puppyhood that made her cautious of strangers.  She is still a bit insecure with her new surroundings, but she is eager to be with people, particularly with women.  She is cautious with the other dogs.  Absolutely no aggression.  She is very passive.  She is 4 years old. She needs to put on some weight.  She is spayed and UTD. 

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