3/13/12: Hi Carol,
Just came from the vet with Haylee, she had her annual check up and test came back neg for heartworms. 
The vet was really happy to see that the treatment you put Haylee on worked. She does alot of work with 
rescues and local animal shelters that are limited on funds to treat heartworms and said this treatment 
will be a big help in curing more animals. Thanks again she has adjusted and is doing well. Mike  
12/23/2011:  Just wanted to send you an update on Haylee. She is doing great and has adjusted well as you can see she is like having a 3 yr old in the house with toys everywhere she can't get just one she has to have them all out and them take a nap. Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a great 2012
5/27/11: Things are going great and such a good dog , 
Haylee has adjusted well and has become big buds with 
her brother Vinnie as you can see in the pictures 
(hope they come through ) She has been a real pleasure 
causing no trouble what so ever. We have taken her to 
the lake house couple of times and she has fun playing 
in the water splashing the water with her big feet and 
then biting at the water. Thanks for following up. 

Mike, Betty, Haylee and Vinnie

4/11/11: Just wanted to give you an update on Haylee, she got her stitches out today and was checked over by Lori (our Vet) she said she is a keeper. Haylee has settled in and is adjusting great with Vinny and the cat. I keep you updated on her and hope things are going well for you there. Thanks again for everything.     Mike
Haylee has been adopted by a great family.

Haylee is a really sweet girl.  She was so quiet. Even when all the other dogs were barking, she never made a sound. She did do a little whimper when I left her and when she saw me return.  She is craving attention, which she will get more of when the ticks that have infested her die off and she gets a bath. Her coat should begin to shine and she will look great when she gets a bath in a few days.  She is actually the color of the second photo, the golden color.  Sun or flash washed it out in the other photos. 
    She recently weaned her puppies. She will be spayed this week (3/24) and vet checked and brought current.

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