10/10/15:  Hawk is such a handsome boy.  He was great for a bath last week except for trimming the dew claws.  He was not having any of that.  He has become pretty well mannered.  No jumping on people anymore.  He has not had in-home experience but he does have a human size house with a mattress and AC.  He has not torn anything up.  He does like laying on the deck in cooler weather.  He also enjoys the igloo.  He really likes people and gong for walks.  He is good with other dogs when properly introduced and if they do not act aggressive towards him.  He is not aggressive, but he will stand up for himself if threatened by another dog. 

5/12/15:  Hawk has grown so much.  I'd guess about 110 now and 30".  He is such a big boy.  He is just beginning to mellow.   Good on leash.  Not a lot of car experience, but eager to go.   Likes attention.  Not much inside experience, but he has a human size house in his yard that he loves sleeping inside or on the deck.  He has not torn up his bed or the AC cord.  He is a bit rambunctious for toddlers or the elderly, but would make a great companion for an active family.   He shares space with Thelma and a fence line on both sides with a number of other dogs.  Fence fighting is very rare.  He briefly went to a farm where they had goats and chickens.  Although not caught killing anything, he did bring the owner several as 'gifts'.  They do not know if he was the one who hurt them or was bringing them for help after a coyote or Mountain Lion got ahold of them.  They had lost many before his arrival so it is really uncertain. 

2/20/15:  Hawk has decided 'to heck with goats'.  He'd rather be guardian over his humans on their bed at night.  He seems to be passive about livestock.  Not a threat to them, but not interested in taking care of them either.  He is good with most other dogs but might challenge over food left behind.   

11/7/14:  Hawk arrived. He rode great in the back seat of the car. Walks good on leash. He settled in well.  I'm told he is good with chickens and livestock but definitely does not like cats.  He is 2 years old.  He is a companion dog.