Hanna originally arrived in 2010, was adopted and has now had to return due to her adopters health. 

Hanna had a pretty neglected life when she came.  She had a lot of health issues that with care, could have been prevented.   She has a problem with her hind feet and also with her right rear leg.  X-rays showed she had major trauma to it, probably hit be a car, and never treated.  The bones have healed, but in a less then desirable manner.  The leg is stable on the hip but not as much as normal.  Despite all she has been through and is going through, she has the most loving and appreciative disposition.  She just wants cuddled and loved. 

Her dark eyes are so expressive.  She gets along with the dogs she has met.  She gets a little playful at times, but respects when another dog tells her 'no'.  She loves to cuddle and go for walks.  She is great in the car.  She would be best with a retired person or couple.

She is most likely purebred Pyrenees, about 5 years old and 70 pounds.

Play time with Rio

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