5/6/11:  It has been a while since I wrote you about Griffin.  He is doing just great!  Just this morning, we were out on my front porch doing the usual routine of throwing and playing when I saw Griffin take the toy duck over by my rose bushes, dug a hole and buried the poor thing.  It was too cute watching Griffin use his nose to bury the toy duck!  I also want to tell you about Griffin's new personal water hole.  My husband had to fix a leak in our water line about two weeks ago.  Well, he has not yet filled in the hole.  So now, Griffin has decided that it is his personal water hole and every time in the last two weeks he gets done playing with Brodie, he runs to the hole and takes himself a dip!  He is just too funny.  We do so enjoy him and Griffin just loves Brodie.  They are best buds.  When they are together, the play, wrestle and run! 
    Hopefully, my daughter will bring her camera this weekend and take some pics so I will be able to send you some.   Susan
8/02/10:  We took Griffin to a stream along with my husband's grandchildren.  I think Griffin had the most fun.  He ran, walked and swam most of the day!  We all enjoyed watching him play and swim.  At first, it seemed he did not now how to swim, but then he got it.  It only took him a few tries and he was in for the fun.
     Griffin is doing great and we are so glad to have him in our family.
      Take Care.    Susan
6/23/10:  I wanted to give an update on Griffin.  He is doing just great!  He and Chico have become buddies.  It is too funny watch.  Griffin lies down and he and Chico play.  Griffin's mouth is the size of Chico head.  Chico tries to throw his weight on Griffin but has none.  The are good together.  Both of my cats are out and about now and have accepted Griffin.  they do not like Griffin, but they accept him.  We bought a kiddie pool for Griffin the other day and boy does he love to be in that pool as you well know.
      Everyday after the run with the boys, he goes into his pool. MY other two just look at him as if he were nuts.  They want nothing to do with the pool and Griffin so badly want them to come in and play!
       We are both enjoying him and I think he enjoys being with us as well.  If I can remember, I will be sending back to you his doggie tag.  I got him one the other day at Petsmart.  It is the only place around here I could get one.
     Hope you are doing well and I will email you again with an update.
 Thanks,  Susan
6/17/10: Hi Carol,
     Sorry I have not gotten back with you sooner, but we had a health scare with my husband's son.  Everything worked out ok and we are so glad.
     Griffin is doing great.  He loves his toys and bone as you well know.  My one cat is adjusting well, but my munchkin is taking longer.
     Griffin loves to run out in our field when my husband goes out on the four wheeler to check things out on our property.  I wish you could see the joy in Griffin's face we he knows he is going out with my husband and the other two babies out in the pasture.
    I wanted to touch base and let you know how things are going.
    Hope all is well with you.    Regards,    Susan
6/13/10:  Hi Carol,
    Just wanted to take a moment and give an update on Griffin. 
     He is so smart and boy does he love to run.  He and Buddy are still not the best of friends yet, but it appears to moving in a good direction.  Griffin and Chico are doing great.  Found out today how much Griffin loves the hose.  All of us had a good time late today with the hose.
      Griffin has learned fast the limits we have set for him when it comes to him being in the kitchen when we are preparing and cooking food.  He understand to sit outside the kitchen and watch.
      He are so enjoying him and I think he is enjoying being here with us.
      I will email you again and let you know how things are progressing.    Regards,    Susan
6/12/10:  Hi Carol,
     When we first left, Griffin just laid his head on the back of the seat and kept looking out the back of the window.  He looked so sad.  We stopped off at McDonald's, eat lunch and gave each of them their very own plain hamburger.  Suddenly, Griffin perked up and looked to feel better.  He traveled very well! Slept most of the way, he and Buddy both..
      Griffin made his introductions to Chico and all went fine.  Right now, Griffin is exploring the whole house and is looking underneath my bed at two very disgusted cats for the moment.
    I will email you sometime tomorrow and let you know how things are going.
     I was very nice meeting you and thank you again for everything.   Regards,    Susan
6/12/10: Griffin met his new family today.  I will miss him terribly, but I feel good that he got such a wonderful home.

Griffin is a beautiful black shiny coated  UKC registered German Shepherd.  Born Sept. 29, 2008, he is an energetic 18 month old.  He is good with children and strangers!  He also likes cats and cattle, but his fondness for chickens has caused his need to be re-homed.  He had no previous training, so he will need someone willing to continue working with him and be consistent. He is very strong.  

He has really become comfortable since coming into the house.  He is much calmer and better behaved.  He is totally trustworthy.  No marking and no getting into things.  He gets along great with all the other dogs.  He entices them to play.  If they won't he amuses himself with a nylabone or chasing his ball around. 

He loves water.  He likes to drink out of a hose, splash in the wading pool and eat lots of ice cubes.  I suspect he would be a swimmer.  He loves car rides and his walking on leash is improving daily.  He has learned the doggie door, his place to eat and where he can go and where is off limits.  He is very intelligent and learns fast. 

He is UTD and neutered.    

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