Grandma's Special Presence


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For Ken
God called me away to Heaven 
He had a special plan you see.
He told me you'd be born real soon
And your Guardian Angel I would be.

He knew your mom would need lots of help
Who would wake her when you cried?
God made me your Guardian Angel,
So someone would always be at your side.

No one to sing you lullabies 
Or whisper soft words in your ear.
So God let me be the meadowlark, the wind,
And the rustle of the leaves you hear.

No one to read you stories at night
So a special gift you were given. 
A vivid imagination for story and rhyme
But from you the gift was driven.

Alas, the world did not understand.
You were a writer in the making.
But do not be discouraged 
For new adventures are yours for the taking.

Always remember, my precious Ken
Although I never held you,
I'll always be near, just a prayer away
To comfort & protect you.