Goofy aka Makinzie

3/9/18:  Goofy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We never tire of having Goofy around.  Everyone who sees him, wants him.  He is definitely very unique.
Oct 24, 2017
Freshly groomed Feb 2010    
Nov-Dec 2009
 June 2009:  The Great Makinzie has joined our zoo! 

At first I thought he was your typical Komondor / Great Pyrenees mix.  However after watching him run, taking a much closer look at his ears, head and muzzle structure and those weird hind legs and feet, I am sure I was wrong.  I'm certain he is an Irish Wolfhound/ Komondor/ Pyr mix

Given up by his people for unknown reasons, he made his way to Ozark Dogs.  In just a few hours he has made the trip crated, went to the groomers for a bath and nail trim, rode home in the back seat of the car, made friends with all the other dogs, explored the property, went wading in the pool, learned the doggie doors, has given tons of kisses (literally washing my face), pushy nosed my hand off the mouse to be petted, and finally curled up at my feet and went sound asleep.  He stood at the foot of my bed watching over me in spite of the 7 other dogs doing likewise.  At some point he was satisfied I was safe and went to sleep himself, yet ever watchful.  When I'd wake up and raise up to check on him, his head would rise to look at me.  He used the doggie door during the night to do his business and then right back to watch over me.

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