Goliath is 3 years old and 85 pounds.  Old English Sheepdog mix, possibly with Komondor because he is much larger then an OES.  His coat has been cut.  Housebroke, very smart, very loving and gentle.  No food issues.  Great for a car ride, on leash, knows several commands.  Sits to be petted.  Good with other dogs.  Respectful of people. 
     When I am in the shop with him, he lays under my sewing machine by my feet.   He likes to watch me and is very patient for attention.  Not pesty.

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Please Sponsor Goliath
  Vet bills for his blood work & x-rays are $303.
Slow (and safest) heartworm treatment will run $300. 
His neuter & shots $100.
$40 will provide his special diet for a month.
$20 will provide nutritional supplements to help him become healthy.