Gigi crossed the Rainbow Bridge along with her 2 canine companions in a house fire and explosion Dec. 26, 2011.  She was so loved by her adopters.  CJ would call me with regular updates.  He was so proud of her.  This is so tragic for the family.  Gigi will be greatly missed.

9/12/10: Gigi arrived yesterday.  Took her straight to the vet.  She is a mess.  Loaded with worms, severe flea allergy, teeth are worn to little nubs and her eyes are both very infected.  She also has Ehrlicia and yeast infection in both ears and on her skin.  Discovered a large lump the size of a tennis ball on he shoulder this morning.  X-rays will have to wait until I have the money.  At least she is Heartworm negative and the skin condition is not mange.  Someday she will look like a miniature Goofy, so please consider donating to help this sweet girl get healthy so she can find a forever home. 

Before bath
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