Georgia died in my arms this morning (10/02/07) at 5:55 a.m.  I guess the answers are yes, yes and yes, because over the Rainbow Bridge, Georgia will be free and happy and whole.

Dear Georgia, I'm sorry I would get mad at you when you would play nip me and jump on me.  You loved me and trusted me.  I didn't realize just how much I loved you until you were hurt.  Thank you for waking me and letting me hold you in your last moments.  Thank you for letting me tell you and show you how much I cared.

Georgia was shot this morning (10/01/07) for no reason.  She raced up our dirt road, a neighbor called saying she heard a shot fired and a dog yelp. Georgia came dragging herself back to the porch. 

Georgia would rarely take off.  Most of the time she would just run around the yard and back into the fenced area where she would chase squirrels up a tree or play 'catch the coyote' with the other dogs.  She was always the coyote and they could never catch her.  All this may come to an end now with the .22 caliber bullet lodged in the muscle of her leg.  Unknown at the time, it nicked a blood vessel and she bled to death over night.

Georgia was such a sweet loving girl and this was just such a rotten way for her short life to end.  First as a small puppy being abused and neglected, then unwanted and dumped,  chased away and had things thrown at her while she scavenged for food.  Then she spends 3 more months of her puppyhood in a small cage at the animal shelter only to be put on the list to be euthanized.  I saved her about 4 months ago and she had finally gotten over all her many, many fears, only to have some very mean person shoots her.


When Georgia came into my life:

6/09/07: Georgia has been here only 2 days and has adjusted amazingly well. When let into the yard, she does not run off or 'follow her nose'. She loves to have her long nose scratched. She loves to give kisses and cuddle. She does do one weird thing. She kisses like a cat rather then a dog. She does not lick, she 'nibbles', (?) just barely touching her teeth to my face. Not at all a bite, just like a kitten would do. She is a very easy dog to love.

You gotta love those soulful eyes and those ears. Those ears are almost like a hair-do that frames that expressive face.

6/06/07: Georgia's Story: She seemed shy. She patiently waited to see if each newcomer to the shelter would stop by and talk to her. Maybe she just didn't want to get her hopes up. But when the workers gave her attention, she was so grateful, you could see her eyes begin to sparkle. Like the song said "Georgia on my mind". Well, her time ran out at the shelter and I just had to say "OK. I'll take her into rescue".

Hopefully she will stay on your mind.

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