6/18/12:  Frosty has been adopted by a fantastic lady.  He is even made himself at home next to her on her bed. 

Frosty has really won me over.  He has moved inside into the shop so he can be with us when we are down there playing around with projects.  It took me more time to feel comfortable with him that it did him with me.  I can do all the things his previous owner could not do.  He had her buffaloed!   This is one sweet, gentle guy who will let you do anything to him once he trusts you.  Isn't that typical of living creatures?   He loved curling up next to me when I sat on his doggie bed.  I got plenty of kisses.  He scratched to let me know he had a few ticks and then readily let me get them off.  Then more kisses.  He's good with other dogs and cats but most of all he loves to be with people. 

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