Fawn was a service dog for many years.  Her mistress was blind.  After her mistress passed away,  I entered her life.  At first I had trouble adjusting to a dog in the house, but that is what service dogs do.  Be right next to their person, doing their job.  She rarely barked as they are taught not to.  What she lacked in vocal, she made up for in 'love notes'.  Millions of them in the form of left behind fur.  One day at age 14 she just could not get up. I had only know her for 2 years, but I was devastated. I still miss her. I still have tears as I write this.  I would pick up two million 'love notes' a day if I could have her back in my life.  She worked so hard and had so few 'retirement' years.  I just hope I made them happy for her.

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