False Accusations

fishin anim1.gif (17234 bytes) Every day after school Jessie would go fishing in the stream near his home.  When he dropped off his school books and picked up his pole, he would whistle for Little Bit to come along.  Today, however, Little Bit didn't come when he called.  Jessie heard some quiet whimpering and a tiny bark coming from the bushes.  Little Bit had something cornered.  Could it be a rabbit, or a toad.  Maybe it was a ..........skunk!!  Jesse began yelling at Little Bit to "leave it alone".  Then he heard the little whimpering noise again.  "Skunks don't sound like that.  Only puppies make those noises" thought Jessie.  Cautiously he crawled into the bushes and pulled out a small puppy.
      Little Bit barked his disapproval.  Jessie was his pal and he didn't want to share him.  Little Bit was ready to go fishing.  He danced around Jessie's feet and nipped at his pant leg.  "Time to go.  Lets go" Little Bit tried to convey with his barking and tugging, but Jessie wasn't paying attention.  He was too busy holding and petting his new found friend.  Fishing would just have to be put off for a day.  This new puppy was more important. 
When Jessie's mom and dad got home, he was all excited to show them what he had found.  Immediately his dad said "Another puppy is just too much".  Well, mom intervened and the newest member of the family became known as 'Too Much'. 01puppy.gif (6497 bytes)
       Jessie took good care of Too Much.  He was such a tiny puppy and needed extra care.   Little Bit became very jealous.  
       One day Mom had hung a rug out on the fence to air out.  A few minutes later she looked out the window to see the rug torn to shreds and Too Much dragging the pieces across the yard.  "How could such a tiny puppy jump up that high and so quickly tear up my rug" she said out loud.  Little Bit rubbed up to mom and licked her hand as if to say "see, I'm a good dog and I love you".  Mom patted Little Bit and then went out to scold Too Much.
00mitt web.gif (5990 bytes) A few days later when Jessie got home from school, he found his favorite baseball mitt chewed up.  Too Much was munching away on the leather thumb.  Jessie bent over to pick up the pieces and Little Bit came running up  and gave him a big slurp.  Jessie patted Little Bit and scolded Too Much.  How could such a little puppy get up on his bed and get his mitt off the dresser?  From now on, Too Much would be banned from his room. 
As the days went by, the families possessions continued to dwindle.  They had built a pen for Too Much.  They closed him in when they left for the day.  Each day when they got home,  he would be out of the pen and having a wonderful time in some form of destruction.  The flower garden had been dug up.  The welcome mat was missing.  The bird feeder had been knocked over.  How could such a little puppy do so much mass destruction?   Little Bit was reveling in the extra pats and hugs for being a "good boy."

      One day mom came home early.  The jig was up!!  She looked out the window to see Little Bit chewing the wood handle off the rake.  She waited and watched.  After it was thoroughly chewed, Little Bit went over, jumped up against the gate the Too Much's pen and opened the latch with his nose.  Then he ran around in circles picking up the rake and letting it down over and over again until Too Much joined the game.  Then   Little Bit ran off to lay contentedly on the other side of the house!   "The little sneak!" mom said out loud.
       That evening the family sat down with all the destroyed items.  Little Bit was really gloating.  "I've done it.   They will get rid of that pest and things will go back to normal. " he thought to himself.  Mom turned to Jessie and said,  "I think we need to find a new home for Little Bit".  Little Bit's ears perked as he heard his name.   "What did she say?" he thought.  
     Dad spoke up. "Yes, Little Bit has been a very bad dog. We can not trust him anymore."  Little Bit was in shock!   He began jumping from lap to lap giving big wet kisses.  "How can they even think of giving me away?  I love them and I thought they loved me".
      Just then Little Bits thoughts were interrupted as Jessie spoke.  " I thought Little Bit loved us,  but I guess I was wrong."    "No you weren't.  I love you." Little Bit barked.  Panic was setting in.  Jessie continued, " If Little Bit loved us,  he would not have destroyed all our things.  If he was a good dog,  he would not have put the blame on Too Much.  Little Bit should have known we had enough love for him and any other puppies or kittens or other pets we may get."

Everyone was quiet.  Too Much felt sorry for Little Bit.  He forgave him.  Surely the family could too.  Too Much went over to Little Bit and gave him a big nuzzle.  Then he went over to mom and then dad and then Jessie,  giving each a nuzzle and a big wet lick.  
       Well, I guess if Too Much can forgive his instigator and accuser,  we can reconsider too.  Little Bit wasn't quite sure what they were saying,  but when they hugged him,  he realized that love can be shared and is forgiving. He was sure HAPPY and would never try to get anyone or any other animal in trouble again.

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