Second Birthday - Christmas 2008

First Birthday - Christmas 2007 

9/26/07 Email from Faith's new 'mommy'. Faith is wonderful. She is adjusting very well. She sleeps with me on the bed. Sometimes she chases the cats, but they don't have front claws, so when she catches them and they bat at her, it doesn't do any damage. We started dog obedience classes last Saturday at PetSmart (beginner level). There are 3 dogs in the class...a puggle, a Chihuahua and Its great though. The little one...Chili, loves Faith and is so excited. Faith is getting more used to people in general and is good on a leash. We walk at least twice per day. She has made friends at the dog park, and last Sunday I took her to the dog beach. She walked into the water up to her belly, and decided that was enough for the time being. It was high tide and there were a lot of waves. She had fun watching the other dogs though. I will take pics next time, when she isn't quite so scared. She still barks at most people...anyone who approaches her, but seems to get used to people easier and then will let them pet her. I have an appointment scheduled with an internist for her on Monday at 9am. Will know more then. Everyone compliments me on her beauty. She's a great girl!
* Words from the rescuer: Faith has bladder control problems.  She was the last of the 7 "Christmas mange Puppies" to be adopted  Christmas Puppy page             




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