1/12/11:  Etta Bella just ate, and is meandering around the living room fire where it is very toasty!!! She really enjoys going out in the backyard and running the fence & barking at the neighbor's three yappy dogs.  She enjoys it even in the COLD.  When they are not outside, she will go to the fence and look all around the yard & at the house like, "Where are they?" It's so cute & funny.  We get a big kick out of watching her bunny-hop run.  She looks like a big, fluffy cotton-ball hopping along!!
    Is it cold in Mountain Home?  It's pretty cold here.  Luckily our stove in the living room is so warm that Etta gets hot & goes and lays in the first bathroom, which is the coldest room in the house.  She's barking right now. Something has caught her attention outside.
    Give all the dogs kisses for us.
Love to all.    Etta, Dawn, & The Gang!!
1/7/11: Etta has decided that staying at Casa de ...... is pretty good after all.  Brian just remarked yesterday that her tail is wagging all of the time now, and she smiles. Etta is becoming quite the spoiled little lass of the manor born!!
     Miss Etta has been playing with Simon, she just ate, and she seems to be settling in. It has taken longer than I would have imagined, but Simon is enthralled with Etta, and being the only female, Etta is getting pretty spoiled!! She has her days...she seems to have an annoyance with my cocker spaniel at times, but at other times she seems to be a little bit fascinated with the little blonde dog as well.
      Etta's guarding instincts are on the wane, and she seems to just want to play with Simon all of the time and chill out. When it is warmer, we will go for more car rides.  Right now she doesn't want to get into the back seat of the jeeps. We'll get there, and then we will go on all kinds of rides.
     I have all kinds of stories to tell you about Etta, but I know that you have been super busy by reading your posts.
Love to all of you & the fur kids!!!   Etta, Dawn, & The Gang!!
12/9/10:  Holiday Greetings from Etta et all in Tulsa!!!
     HURRAY!!! Things took a complete turn yesterday, and now Etta and Simon have become friends.  Etta is enjoying playing with him, and Simon is OVER THE MOON that he has someone to play with as well.! So I think Boomerang won't happen. Etta seems to be enjoying herself.
     Brian was the one who successfully guided the whole operation. When he got off work yesterday morning, he told me he thought we should just forego the park & take them into the back yard which they would have to share anyway. I admit I wasn't wanting to rush them, but swallowed my anxiety & thought of your email and tried just to concentrate on happy thoughts.   I started walking Simon in a circle, and then Brian came out with Etta  and we just kept things relaxed and would let them get closer and closer. Simon really helped as he was very interested in her and was subservient. We kept walking around & getting them closer and closer; within an hour they were close and touching, no problems. Etta really just seemed to relax and not mind him anymore.  Then they seemed to like each other, then eventually started playing. We finally let them off their leashes & they PLAYED HARD. Eventually, we came into the house, and they PLAYED ALL DAY LONG.  Finally,  around 4 in the afternoon, "Mom" got wore out, so I put Simon up until dark just so the "house" could rest.  I continued to worry a little bit after coming back into the house with them; about Simon getting too playful or too much in Etta's face, but Brian said there will be some tiffs back & forth, that will just happen occasionally. However, right now no problems at all.  YEAH!
     Etta has been perfect. She really seems quite taken with Brian so she is just still exploring the house and getting along fine. She is very calm and has barked only when I shut her up to feed her or what have you. She really has been as easygoing as can be.
     Etta bug really is a complete angel; you will probably get tired of hearing the details, but I'll keep you posted on everything. She seems a little scared of the flames from our pellet stove in the fireplace, but that stove keeps the front room so warm that you don't have to worry about her ever being "cold". She went and laid down in the front bathroom last night because I think the living room was too warm for her.
     Hope Pickles & Toast are okay; have been thinking about Sully alot as well.
    We will talk to you later.   Take Care!    Etta & Dawn
12/8/10:  Miss Etta is doing great. Brian wanted to introduce her last night to Simon; not me I was exhausted and didn't want to risk it.  Big Mistake! She went at Simon, so they remained separated.  However, Simon liked her, he just got too close, and Etta (I think) reacted with fear. 
     So to the park we journeyed this morning to initiate another intro. I used the haltering method you demonstrated, and took Miss Etta around the park, and there was a squirrel palooza going on with us walking upon a group of probably 6-7 squirrels so Etta got hyper excited.  That panicked me, and I thought this is going to be ruined. However, she exhausted herself with the walk & excitement, and when we met up with Brian & Simon on the other side of the park, things went well.  They sniffed each other many times, and seemed comfortable, and we had only one lash out from Etta, but it really was only when Simon got too close & touched her face with his nose. (I think it might have been on her bad-eye side)  When we got home, we kept them separated, and Etta guarded against him when he got too close to her so they have remained away from each other in separate rooms. We will go back to the park tomorrow morning and continue with the walking, and gradually will get them accustomed to each other.  Simon is interested in her and is calm; we just need to get Etta comfortable with him and not see him as something to guard against in the house. 
   Etta has been exploring the house and seems to like the little dogs & Arlo, the cat.  She just gently sniffs at them & walks away. Brian is really good with her, and we're both committed to getting her comfortable with Simon. They did walk around the park together so we are just going to continue with that for a few days. If you know of anything we can do to enhance her acceptance of him in the house, I'm all ears. I know it's just a matter of finding the right balance, seeing her with your big males gives me insight into knowing that she can accept Simon if we work with them.  
     I took her for a short walk tonight after dark with just a regular leash, and she walked like a little lamb.  No leash issues at all! She was just happy to be walking and  taking in the night air.
     The rest of the day Etta has been exploring the house, & napping. I took Niki (cocker) & Simon for a car ride this afternoon so they wouldn't feel left out, and Brian spent time with Etta. He said they were bonding, and Etta seemed to enjoy spending time with him.
      I will keep you posted about Miss Etta and let you know all of the details!
       Sully gave us a quick look as we were backing out yesterday, and it broke my heart because he had that sad look for a moment like he knew what was going on!! He's a special boy!   I'm praying that the best home will come along for him. 
Dawn & Etta!
12/6/10:   We just got home about thirty minutes ago.  Just finished getting everyone fed with bathroom breaks!  Etta & I have been exploring the back yard. She seems to be enjoying it.
      Etta freaked out a couple of times on the way home; mostly I think she was hungry, and probably a little nervous about going off with a stranger, but so far she is doing really well.  She has been introduced to the little dogs, and things are going well.  I am wanting to hold off her introduction to Simon until tomorrow morning when we can go to neutral ground like the park. Will let you know how it goes.
      Thanks so much for everything.  Your dogs are amazing.  I'm so glad I was able to meet all of them. You really have a gift for handling those gentle giants!!
     Will keep you posted about everything.    Take  Care!!    Dawn

11/20/10:  Etta at play with Sully.  Over the months they have become great friends.

9/17/10: Etta is Scooby Doo in Pyr covering.   She is a delight.  She is affectionate and gentle, yet playful and has a great exuberance for life.  She can handle long stretches of being alone and ever grateful upon her persons return.  She gets along with other dogs (1) as long as they don't get in her face and growl and (2) as long as her people understand not to let her be queen.   She will quickly assume that role.  When people are the alpha, Etta understands and does fine.  

Etta is accepting of what ever comes her way, including a bath and good brushing out.  We spent nine - one hours segments of brushing out her mats she would not have to be shaved.  She was such a good sport.  Now being brushed is one of her favorite things. 

 Etta is blind in one eye from an old injury.  Both the animal shelter vet and my vet are in agreement.  It is not something to be concerned with.  It should not change and would not have any more tendency to get infected or cause a problem then a good eye.   Despite her past, she loves people and ready to give her love and loyalty to anyone who will just hug her.  She is approx. 3 years old but acts like a happy, playful puppy. 

For Etta, it will be very important to understand the Guardian Breed personality.  The 'Guardian Angel' who watches over and protects.   Most Pyrs are NOT guard dogs but they take the security of their family seriously. 

Before the bath

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