8/29/17:  Emo has become a sanctuary dog.  He will live out his life with me.

11/18/15:  Emo has been here 2 years.  He has made progress, but still has a long ways to go before he will trust a leash or willingly come for attention.  He does not mind being herded into the house and cuddled and groomed on but he will not come of his own accord.  Once in his spot, he will relax and sometimes even fall asleep as he is being combed out. 

July 2013: Emo is in need of socialization.  Absolutely no aggression. We were making progress but with winter weather and the passing away of my socialization volunteer in January, Emo's progress has regressed.  He needs someone with time, patience and dog behavioral experience. He is about 80 pounds and 1 year old.  Patty, Pumpkin and Fraz are her litermates.