Feb. 2007 Emma at 2 yrs old
Nov. 2006  Emma is 22 mo. old.
Okay, to make a VERY long story as short as possible, here's our weekend in a nutshell, which we call title "Mallard Duckies 911":

Saturday at about 11am Kyle walked into the backyard to find six ducklings in our pool.  We didn't think too much of it, until the littlest one started sinking.  We got him out, started calling around, and could not find anyone to help us.  After a LONG day of waiting for the mother to return, I got a woman on the phone from a California bird rescue group, who promptly told me to get them out of the pool immediately (I guess I thought they belonged in the water!) and get them dry.  Kyle wrigged up a crate with a heating pad in it, and the realization that the duckies had somehow lost their mom sunk in.

At one point when we were trying to let them dry in the sun, one ran away - and we never found him.  (SO SAD.)  But luckily the others stayed put and we locked them up in the heating pad with some pea soup (which they only jumped in and probably didn't eat) overnight.  Finally yesterday the zoo put us in touch with a woman who's a state certified and registered wildlife rehabber.  She agreed to take them because she was releasing a duck, eight possums and two raccoons (or something like that!) yesterday.  The owlet and owl are two other birds she got yesterday.  She quickly informed us that the ducklings were about 3-4 days old, OH MY GOODNESS.  So while terribly sad over the one that we lost, we did save five, and here are the pictures.  I have rarely seen anything so adorable in my life.


June 2006

12/08/05 Emma is growing up
May 6: Miss Emma got her new dog house last night - it's the Taj Mahal with shingles and all.  Now I feel we can leave her in the yard by herself some. ALTHOUGH, since she has entered her "I am the alpha dog of this house with no siblings, I am perfectly comfortable and I rule!" phase, she is into everything.  Gone is the quiet, shy girl of yesterday.  She is trying to eat people food, plants, bugs, shells (yes, she can find pretty much everything
in our yard somehow) and grass.  She tries to run after the cats and she does not listen at all - good thing she has school tomorrow.  We can see her
Anatolian clearly now.  I love her attitude -  "I can't hear you blah blah blah Emma who?  I have an idea and I'm doing it, and if you try to stop me I'll put it in the back of my mind and remember it for later cause I am smart enough to know when you're not looking and darn it I feel like eating the moss".  Man she's funny and totally changed yesterday!  We have decided she is certainly right at home now! 
May 5: She's doing great - had a big day out in the yard yesterday afternoon. We walked into the house last night to start dinner, and Emma walked
right in from the yard.  I thought Kyle had let her in because the door had been shut, but it turned out she had opened the door somehow and let herself in.  now of course i thought this was a fluke, until she did it again 10 minutes later and came into the other back door.  so...we either have some
really bad doors that don't close all the way, or miss thang can turn a doorknob when on her hind legs and push the door open.  hmm....

May 4: Miss Emma slept through the night again (we must be wearing her out?) and had no accidents.  She had a big morning - I left her alone in the rec room for about 15 minutes and she didn't go after anything but her toys.  YEAH!  I am very impressed.  She had never been alone inside before (and off the leash, too!).  We are trying to work on her independence a bit as she'll be alone while we're at work and we don't want her to be sad.   I am doing okay at work because she is so good.  I'll be happy when we can give her free reign in the yard and off on her own in the house.  That will come as she is totally potty-trained, outgrows chewing, and the cats enjoy her more (or at all!).  I think I have bought her enough toys that she can occupy herself and sleep for 8 hours without getting too lonely. 

May 3: Our vet thinks her birthday is 1/1/05!  She has lost one tooth and is teething.  She loves her Kong, her Nyla bone teething key ring, and her squeaky big purple ball.  She loves to be outside more than inside, but wants us there with her.  She follows Kyle whenever he moves...and she has figured out how to jump up and look in the windows when she's left in the yard and we go in for something.  She's also figured out we have two back doors, and if we go in one she goes to the other to see if we went into the kitchen.  Too smart for us!  She slept through the night last night from 9pm - 5:30am with no potty breaks!!!  She is cute as can be.  Kyle said everyone at the vet was like, "that is the
most beautiful dog!".  Oh, and the vet thinks she'll be 75-80 pounds  She's still trying to get Zoe and Mollie to play with her though they are a bit scared.  That's what we're working on now.  She has gone for 15 minutes walks on her leash down the street with us but poops out (must be all that pulling in the opposite direction with all her might?!)

May 2:  Emma is just in love with Kyle - and after he's home with her today, she'll be even more so.  It's so cute - she is already sitting on command thanks to some advice the trainer gave us!  She's going to be GREAT!!! I am planning on retiring at 32 - wait til kyle finds out!  more Emma time. Emma so wants the cats (zoe, especially) to play with her but they're not that warm yet.  we ran her in the backyard yesterday with her big purple squeaky ball til she pooped out for the night.  she's so cute pouncing on it.  she's getting better at fetching too!

Updated: 4/30/05  Emma has a new human mommy and daddy at her forever home.

Emma is a dainty girl considering mom is Great Pyrenees of about 90 pounds and dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. Emma has a medium length coat of light grey with streaks of cream and white  She has 4 white 'boots'.  She was a bit shy, but is completely comfortable now. The shyness is totally gone.  She loves to be cuddled and will curl up in your arms.  She is curious, and no longer cautious in new places. She discovered the joy of digging. She was good for her bath and does seem to enjoy water, including playing in her water trough and digging for water in the creek bed. She is the smallest of the litter and WAS  intimidated by her brothers, but not anymore. She plays now both as the instigator and recipient.   She plays well with other dogs and puppies in the foster family. She is leash trained.  She rides well in a car and goes easily into a crate.  She has not messed the crate nor in the house.  I take her outside every 2 hours in the day and she has started going to the door when she wants out.   I think she will be easily house trained. She is amazingly persistent.  I've had her mostly in the house since 4/13 when we picked her up from being spayed. She is in the kitchen in her crate at night.  She whimpers when she has to go potty which right now is about midnight and 5:00 a.m. I'm sure this is due to being a puppy and being spayed. I'm sure this will change soon and she will sleep through the night.   I  kennel her for several hours during the day after I let her brothers out so she can enjoy the sunshine and grass.  She just wants to be with someone, whether people or other dogs.  She has been great in the house.  As for amazing me:  I put up a baby gate so she could play in the kitchen.  I put 2 bar stools on her side and 2 dining room chairs on my side.  I do not know how she did it, but she moved the bar stools out of the way and ended up in the computer room with me.   I put her back in the kitchen and wedged her crate into the door frame.  I hid around the corner and watched.  When she could not push it and could not jump over it, she hooked her teeth to the lip of the crate and pulled it out of the way!!  She was so proud of herself.  It took a lot of effort.  I know where ever she goes, there will be some real mental challenges.  She is smart and determined!  She rarely barks.  Most times it is just a little playful noise or when she sees people coming.  Born 11/29/04.  On 4/01/05, at 4 months of age, she weighed 22 pounds.   The vet gave her a clean bill of health. She was spayed 4/12/05 and weighed 25.5 pounds.  Her follow up check up and booster immunizations were on  4/22/05 and she weighed 28.5 pounds . 

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