2002 Ella's story:  We adopted Sissy from the HS.  A few hours later we were both thinking of the black lab with the pleading eyes.  Neither of us had ever dealt with multiple untrained shelter dogs.  Loren had well trained multiple dogs in the past, and all my dogs had been shelter dogs but only one at a time.  Within a few months Loren's mom died and we had to make an emergency trip to California. We boarded the dogs at Presley's.  Dr. Presley had died some months earlier and a new vet we had not met had bought the practice.  As soon as I picked up the dogs, I knew something was terrible wrong.  They were both acting so terrible strange.  That night a fight broke out and Ella did some pretty good damage to Sissy who was still a young pup.  We rushed them both in to "Sidel" who had taken over the practice.  Even though Ella had her current rabies, he would not release her.  He said it was LAW that he had to hold her for 10 days.  We fought like crazy to get her released.  After 7 days (he billed the10 days quaranteen to our credit card on file and did NOT get a refund) he released her to the humane society.   We paid the HS $250 to find her a home.  They euthanized her.  Everything was wrong wrong wrong!!  We learn from our mistakes but such a sadness that Ella had to become the tool for us to learn what NOT to do.   I don't forgive myself for these kind of mistakes because I can never forget them.  But I do not blame myself for the cause.  I fully blame Sidel.  He did something to them while they were there and there is no LAW!

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