Elf on his first Birthday - Christmas 2007

11/08/07:  Wanted to let you know that Elf is up to 85 very happy and healthy pounds.  The only reminder of what he went through is a little bald patch on his hind leg, otherwise there were no lasting affects.  Hard to believe his birthday is coming soon.  The vet believes our little guy could even reach a healthy 100+ lbs by the time he reaches 1.5 years old.
Thanks, Robin

Elf is doing wonderful..... weighing in over 50 lbs.  He is such a happy loving guy.  He is quite certain that he is a lap dog..... when I sit on the floor he immediately drops down onto my lap.....He isn't house training as quick as my others, so possibly it is due to bladder problems.  Keep me posted on the news from the vet.
Many thanks,      Robin
I could not resist sending this picture of Elf trying to be a lap dog at 45 lbs....
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Now I am on a roll..... here's another picture of Elf.  He is growing up very handsome.  Still a bit clumsy which is very endearing.  He doesn't let the others boss him, he just calmly takes everything in stride.  Surprising is his independence.  He often goes exploring in the backyard on his own.....rountinely checking in just to make sure he remembers where he left us!
Sorry for the lack of correspondence... I have been busy enjoying my pack.  Attached is  a photo of "Elf".  He is up to 40 lbs and is just a big goofy guy that wants to be petted (by me) and played with by the other dogs.  He is truly a wonderful dog - perfect disposition.
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Adopted 4/21/07  Update info soon

This purebred Great Pyrenees puppy was born on Christmas eve with 6 littermates, this guy was the runt at half the size of the others.  He had to struggle to get his  place at the milk spigot.  He also had to struggle to keep from being squashed under his momma and littermates.  For the first 8 weeks of his life, he was exposed to very cold temperatures, crammed in tiny quarters and fought for an adequate amount to drink and eat. 

On February 22, he and his littermates came into rescue.  When he was removed from the back of a filthy truck to be transported to his rescue home, it was apparent he was in dire need of help.  All the pups were in dire need of help.  They could barely walk, both front and back legs bent as if they had not been able to stand up in their previous confinement. And they were over 50% to 75% bald from Sarcoptic Mange.  Open sores oozed and bled; dirt crusted to their little hairless bodies.  Carefully they were placed in nice clean crates with soft bedding for the ride to the rescue home.

Since they were Christmas babies, they got Christmas names.  Elf seemed so appropriate for this little guy.

Elf was the last to be taken from the crate.  He did not move.  He was completely limp and his rescuers were fighting to hold back the tears.  It was apparent he did not make it.  But then there was just the slightest sign of life as he was being cradled in his rescuers arms.  Where there is life, there is hope and this little fella was going to beat the odds.

After just 3 weeks of intensive nurturing, lots of natural remedies and some antibiotics, Elf was amazingly healthy, just still somewhat bald. His pneumonia cleared up and he is breathing easily. He came through the Parvo with no apparent damaging  effects and he is doing great. His hair has almost completely grown back and there is no sign of lasing scarring.  He was dubbed Lazarus as he was not only resurrected from death to life, but a healthy life.

4/08/07: Today is Easter Sunday and just another reminder of Elf's beginning.

Elf is quite the character. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality and courage. He is the first to alert if someone comes near and he heads right for the fence with a deep "big dog" bark.  His warning instantly turns into a greeting with his little tail going a hundred wags a minute. He likes to be close to people and prefers them over his much larger littermates. Always generous with kisses, he likes cuddles and attention. He waits patiently in the back of the pack when it's 'pill and yogurt' time. The 'pills' now are just dietary supplements, as his medications are complete. He is full of energy, very vocal and holds his own with his littermates. He has went from 10 pounds to 22 pounds!

If you want a 'survivor, a pup who beat all the odds and is determined in every sense of the word, then please consider Elf. This little Christmas birthday boy is a miracle and he will bring that Christmas spirit into your home every day of the year.

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