Walking slip lead
New Hand Crafted Dog collars made by & for Ozark Dogs Rescue
I have over 2500 collars pre-made. 
No 2 in the same size are identical
If you are in the area please call (870) 508-4814 to come shop.

Contact me on Facebook  for information.

The lead on each collar is approximately 5 1/2  feet long. 

Measure high on the neck, right under the chin and behind the ears.  Take a 'snug' measurement.  It is important the collar does not close completely when/if the dog pulls.  Too loose, it will be ineffective and insecure.  Too tight and it could be unsafe and a hazard.  The collar should not close completely.  Snug, it should be at least 2 finger widths apart.  Four finger widths is best for a dog who may try to back out.

Instructions:  Remove twist tie. (Remove plastic wrap and tags AFTER you are sure the size is correct.  No returns if plastic is removed or tag is missing).  Place the collar around the ** upper part of the dogs neck with the lead pulling to your left (or left and right if walking dogs on each side of you).  Push the keeper (the plastic ring on the lead) down as far as it will comfortably go, securing the collar in a snug but comfortable manner.  Collar should not close.  If it does, the collar is too big and you need a smaller size.  Ideally you will have a space of just lead of 2 to 4 finger widths (1 1/2" to 3") wide.  Slightly more is acceptable.  Less could be insecure.  If the fit is proper, you are ready to go for a walk. 

** collar is too low on neck in photo.  It should be higher especially if the dog is a puller.

When emailing to order, be sure to include the breed of the dog and a side view picture of the dog, if possible.   A long necked Greyhound will have a different collar width then an English Bulldog, etc.

$15.00 each for neck size 8 1/2" to 13". 
$20.00 each for neck size 13 1/2" to 17 "
$25.00 each for neck size 17 1/2" to 21"
$30.00 each for neck size 21 1/2" and up.

$5.00 shipping for 1 or 2 collars.  $2.00 more for each additional collar up to 5 collars total.  Six to 15 collars, shipping is a flat $14 USPS to the lower 48..

Below is just a small sampling of the colors and fabrics available.  When interested in purchasing you will be sent photos of the collars available in your dogs size range and base color (red, pink, orange, yellow, green, mint, blue, teal, lavender, purple, black, grey, brown or tan) and style (Floral, seasonal, South western, plaid, bright contrasts, etc.) preference.