4/18/16:  Dillon is just such a great fella.  Sad he has to share attention with so many other dogs.  He'd like to be special and have one or 2 to play with.  He came May 4th 2014.  Approaching his second anniversary here. 

1/06/16:  Dillon is about as perfect as a dog can get, but no cats!  He had a wonderful adopter, but we were unaware of his fixation with cats until he got there.  Now we know.  No harm, but just better safe then sorry.  He would be excellent with infants and small respectful children.  He heard a baby cry on TV and he jumped off my bed and went looking for it.  He was very upset until the crying stopped.  He is very compassionate (except for cats).  He is protective of his property and his people but not at all considered a 'guard dog' unless thing got threatening.  He loves people, meeting new people, great with other dogs when properly introduced.  He can put on a ferocious act, but very sensitive to the commands "leave it", "quiet" and "no".  He is inside/outside with 14 other dogs here at the rescue.  He gets along with them all. 

What Dillon needs:  Not much. Dillons' happy dream would be a family to love him.  He needs soft spoken people and quiet children.  He would not do well with a lot of screaming and yelling or harsh words.  He is extremely sensitive.   I know he would be excellent with an infant (he was with a newborn for 3 weeks) and respectful children. 

He would do best in a rural setting, but could be fine in a suburb with a large back yard. He needs secure fencing.  Secure means chainlink, welded wire (2" x 4"), cattle panels (6" x 6" squares) or wood privacy.  Height required for Dillon is 5' in a rural area and 6' in a residential area.  He is a tall boy and a LGD breed so a 4' fence is not sufficient. He stays inside the house as much as outside.  He could be an only dog if he was not left alone for 9 hours a day.  Or he could be part of a pack.   He needs free access to areas where his people are.  He cannot be confined to a separate room.  This does not mean he needs access to the entire house.  It means he needs to be allowed in the living room when his people are in there.  It means he cannot be closed in the bathroom, laundry room or crate at night. 

I cannot stress enough his sensitivity to harshness, anger or loud voices.   

9/15/15:  Dillon is in with the house pack.  Settled right in as I knew he would. He is quickly learning the rules.  No issues at all.  The perfect boy. 

9/13/15:  My heart breaks that this precious boy has generated no interest.  He is the sweetest boy.  He is great with other dogs.  He was marvelous with a new born baby that was living in his apartment space.  He never gets into anything.  Never barks at passing dogs.  Just a calm, laid back 4 year old, 110 pound couch potato. 

7/16/15:  Dillon and Layne moved inside the apartment with humans Nauna and Colton.  He is so happy again.  Being without the constant human interaction was really taking a toll on him.  It was such a shame I had no choice to move him out of the shop before.  He became so depressed.

We will soon see just how wonderful he will be with a baby.  Nauna is expecting any day.  I know this wonderful dog will be a great baby guardian angel. 

5/12/15: Dillon came over a year ago.  He has continued to be such a special boy.  It breaks my heart he keeps being overlooked.  He has been good with many other dogs, male and female, that he has shared space with.  He loves being inside with his people, but he also enjoys being out in the yard while they bar-b-que  or do gardening.  The sadness in his eyes grows.  His eyes show defeat.  He has become accustomed to all the "fluffy Pyrs" getting all the attention while he just stands back looking as if he has given up. 

He did however let his presence be known to someone who was ignoring him and showering attention on the fluffy ones.  She was sitting on the floor and he walked up behind her and used her as a tree.  His very subtle way of saying "how about me?"

5/14/14:  Dillon came 10 days ago.  What a wonderfully sweet boy.  I wish I was not so full in the house.  He would do great with the pack.  I put Pepsi with him and he wants to play.  He can entertain himself.  He has a ball and a nylabone he tosses in the air and chases.  He leaps around the yard in quarterback mode.  Non-destructive, fair on leash, good in car.  May need a little potty work.  Could have just been marking as he came unaltered.  Once the testosterone is diminished, that may solve itself.  I would say he would be good with all other dogs, cats, children of all ages and possible around livestock.  Unsure on chickens.  He is a very happy social boy who is just a lot of fun to be around.