Jolie aka Dazzle

Jolie has been living in Pennsylvania with her forever family for several years now.  Sadly her Great Pyr friend Sebastian crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2009. 

:  Spoke with Judy this morning.  We do communicate several times a year but mostly by phone so don't get the updates posted.  Jolie has a new friend whom she is not quite sure of yet.  Sebastian died a while back so they got another Pyr named Bou.  She is still adjusting to the new fella.  Anyway, she continues to swim in the pool with Judy and just loves the water. 

Sept 25, 2007:  Judy sent these photos some time ago and I finally am getting them posted.  My apologies. 

I had forgotten how much Jolie always liked water until I scrolled down and saw her in the wading pool.  She has grown up so much and so has her pool size requirements!    I'm jealous! 

11/27/06:  Attached are some new (and older) pictures of Jolie.  She is doing great!  She started "Taming the Teenager" class at the Pet Campus last week.  She is very shy with new dogs but we are working on building her confidence.  She is very intelligent and learning quickly though.  As you can see from the pictures she volunteered to help me decorate for Christmas.  I was hanging decorations and she was pulling them down.  Then we played this really fun game where she runs away with the ornaments and I chase her.  It took us twice as long this year but it was much more fun!!  She has also decided that it is really entertaining to chase the deer that frequent the property.  She is quite strong now at about 72lbs. so when we go for a walk and she sees deer I let her walk me.  Her and Sebastian had a wonderful thanksgiving.  Jolie decided to raid the appetizer table and share them with Sebastian.  I wish you could see them together.  They are the best of friends.  Any way, she continues to keep us laughing around here with her puppy antics.  We absolutely adore her.  I hope you enjoy all the pictures.  Talk to you soon.



8/25/06  Jolie is doing great!!  She is about to graduate puppy kindergarten next week.  She is very smart and learning quickly although a bit stubborn.   She seems more interested in people than other dogs of course except Sebastian.  Her partner in crime.  She has just started to play with the other pups in class though she is very laid back.  They played a game called pass the puppy so the pups get used to being handled by other people, well everybody looked at Jolie with a little apprehension because she is so big.  They said  "We have to hold her"!!!  It was so funny but everybody just loves her.  She is going through an afraid stage.  She hates the car.  (She has been getting car sick every time I take her for a ride).  She is afraid of anything with a motor or a very loud noise like the lawn mower or other power tools.  So we are working on desensitizing her.   Other than that she seems well adjusted and docile.  She gets along great with Louis the bunny.  They go nose to nose with each other.  I'll have to get a picture of that for you .  Any way I hope you enjoy the pics.  Some of them are older photos.  You will be able to tell by her size.  She was 28lbs when I brought her home.  Now she is 50lbs!!
Letter from Judy:   Dazzle is doing terrific!!  Part of the chaos around here is Dazzle.  On my night of arrival with the bundle of joy I had non stop company to see her.  My mom, sister and niece could not wait to meet her along with a couple of friends.  I laugh because you would of thought that I had a baby.  Dazzle also had her first vet appointment on Friday.  She was great for the vet.  I think she slept through most of her exam.  Her and Sebastian have found a fondness for each other.  It took a couple of days though.  Sebastian was very jealous last week when we brought her home.  He has gotten much better.   I just keep reassuring him that I will always love him no matter what!   Dazzle runs up to him and kisses him right on the mouth but she will not kiss us.  We put yogurt on our lips to get a kiss.  She seems to really like him now and they have started to play together.  She was afraid of him when she first met him but now she is very sweet to him although she has stolen a couple of bones from under his nose.  She also loves her wading pool.  She runs around outside and then just dives right in the pool!  She is hysterical.  I laugh all day with her.  She has been sleeping very comfortably between my husband and me although I notice the last couple of nights she is jumping down and lays in her bed next to Sebastian.   She is such a good girl we love her to death.  I am so grateful to you for bestowing this wonderful little pup upon me.  She has brought so much joy to our home.  We couldn't be happier.  It is about 11:30 and I am just finishing up some paperwork with Sebastian on one side and Dazzle on the other.  Also, we did change her name.  When we went to pick her up in Illinois we passed through a town called Joliet and we thought Jolie would be a cute name for her.   Judy
Here are the first pictures of "Jolie" with her new  people.  She dined on 'gourmet' chicken and rice the first night in the hotel before heading to PA. When she reached her new home, her 'big' brother Sebastian came out to greet her.  Slightly intimidated, Jolie soon got over it and now she is enjoying curling up with him and being his playmate. 
Dazzle will dazzle you with her charm.  She is a real love bug who likes to cuddle in your arms and give little kisses on your chin.  She loves being in the house and it appears she will be easy to house train as she will go out the doggie door to do her business.  She will follow her people.  She even goes up and down stairs easily with no hesitation.  Eager for attention, when she gets sidetracked, just call her name and she comes running....  UPDATE:  She plays well with her brother and sisters and is very easy going.  She is neither dominate nor submissive.   She loves water and a summer time wading pool or pond will be a must for her.  She eats what she wants and stops when she is full.  She shares the same giant feeding dish with her littermates and there is no pushing or shoving.  She is becoming a very easy going puppy who can be content chewing a bone, stretched out over the AC vent or curled up on your lap.  She was born April 2, 2006.  Her mom is a full Great Pyr and dad is half Pyr, half Anatolian Shepherd.  At 9 weeks old, she weighed 16 pounds.  Full grown, she should weigh about 80 to 90 pounds.  

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