9/23/12: Custard is a sweet loving boy that was a real 'momma's boy' to a disabled lady. He prefers inside near his person. He has a lot of potential but it may take a little time to help him reach it since he was pretty sheltered his whole life.

We will be working on getting him use to walking on leash, car rides, going on outsings and other things he needs to become accustomed to. He is good with other dogs, including small ones and with cats, as he shared space with both. He has grown up with children.

Custard was just 8 weeks old when first adopted from Ozark Dogs back in Oct. 2006. He and his sister Emily had to be returned today. The litter had come from a very bad situation, but despite a rough start, he looks great all grown up. He is Pyrenees but possibly a mix. Because of his horrid condition when rescued in 2006 as a barely weaned puppy, he has not grown near as large as the average male Pyr. He stands about 27 to 28" and weighs about 70 pounds. I will have an exact as soon as he sees the vet.

Ozark Dogs Rescue only adopts to companion homes where the dog will have inside privileges. A 6' fence is usually required but there are exceptions. There is an application process which often includes a visit to your home. We are asking $150 adoption donation for Custard. Adoption donations vary and may be flexible. Our primary goal is to find the very best home for each dog.
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Neuter and vetting $150.00
$30 will provide food for a month.
$10 will provide preventatives for a month.
$12 will provide nutritional supplements to promote a full, healthy life.