3/8/11:  Thought that I would drop you a short note to let you know that Cricket is doing just fine.  She is enjoying the snow and cold weather.  However, the weather is warming up some and I think that we will have to bring her in for a hair cut before too long..... 
     First photo, we have part of the woods fenced in with our yard.  She had been running in the yard and got a bit worn out. 
    I have started working again but Bruce will still be home with Cricket and Merik.  Interestingly enough Cricket doesn't like it when I'm gone.  She stays busy getting as much attention as possible from Bruce.  
   Take care,    Judy & Bruce

She is resting out in the woods in the snow 

As you can see, she is doing well with Merik. 

10/15/10: Hi Carol,
      I thought that I better send off a couple of pictures of Cricket to let you know she is doing really well.  As you can see, she has made herself at home.  We love her.
     Thanks you for letting us adopt her.  She and our other dog Merik have had some ups and downs, mostly over food and toys, but they're also becoming friends.  Last night I found them sleeping together on that same couch.  Hurray!!  That's the first time.  Judy & Bruce

Cricket has been adopted.  She is living in Moose Lake, MN. with a great couple and some Alpacas.

7/22/10:  Cricket is a gentle girl who is so appreciative of attention and a big space to play.  She is good on leash and enjoyed the car ride.  She did want to navigate, but settled in nicely after a few minutes.  She liked being inside the house and seems to have good manners.  She was called onto Loren's lap.  She did not initiate it. 

Prior to coming here, she lived on a cable for at least 9 months inside a 10 x 10 pen.  They said she tore up the chain link.  Since being here and having a big yard, she has made no attempt to get out, tear anything up or even challenge the gate when I go in or out.   She likes other dogs and will give aggressive ones space, but cornered, she will stand up for herself.  She does not appear to have food issues.  She will eat until she is full and then leave what she does not want. 

The groomer said she obviously had never had a bath.  At first she was freaking out, but once she realized no one was going to hurt her and the water felt good, she fell asleep in the tub!!!  They never had a dog do that before!   She said Cricket was delightful and gave lots of kisses to the employees. 

She is small for a Pyrenees/ Old English Sheep Dog mix.  Estimating her age to be 3 years old and weight about 50 pounds.  She will be spayed and vet checked around the first of Aug. 


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