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Update: Jim & Pat lost their home in a fire in the fall of 2007.  I have not had contact with them.  Such a sad situation and my prayers go out to them.

Cowboy is now in his forever home with Pat & Jimmy. Everyone is adjusting well and learning from the "puppy experience". 

Thanks for taking this little guy into your home and heart.

Pix when I was rescued    

1/31/07 Notes from his foster mommy:  We really need to stop calling the foster kid “puppy”.  Poor Dharma is so confused.  We call “puppy, puppy”, he answers and then we act like he did something wrong.  We think we’re going to use Jai! Jai!  It means victory in Sanskrit.  It’s pronounced Ji (long i).  This puppy just assumes he’s going to be victorious in all things and acts with appropriate unbridled enthusiasm.

We were messing around with what to call him earlier today and we played with ‘descriptive’ names.  There were two that suit him the best.  One is “Me Do” as in “Me do come; me do sit, me do stay, me do ‘potty, potty’, me do eat my food faster than Dharma can eat his, etc.”  But, more to the point is “Who wants whatever?”  “ME DO!”  “Who wants to go with?”  “ME DO!”  “Who wants to play with Dharma?”  “ME DO! ME DO!”.  I guess that’s really two names (a first name & a middle name)?  The alternative was “Wunnerful” ‘cause he’s just sure that whatever it is, it’s probably so ‘wunnerful’ that he might as well get all excited and jump for joy so that everyone knows he’s interested and is already properly appreciative.  Don’t know that either are very marketable.

You really would enjoy watching us take him outside for potty runs.  He does want you to go with, but he’s got to be the fastest thing on four legs!  He’ll go all the way to the side of the yard if you carry him out and sit him down.  But with the really cold weather, he’s figured out that if he whips around the short side of the porch he can make it to the leaves next to the bushes (windbreakers), pee and be back at the front door in less than 60 seconds ~ maybe I should make that 30 seconds.  You know if he has to poop because he runs past you to a proper pooping spot.  Anything more than an additional 30 to 60 seconds is way too long.  Then, it’s straight for the front door, sitting like a perfect little gentleman.  Don’t want to waste time waiting for a sit command to respond to, you know...  Laughed myself silly tonight.  Dharma was waiting for him when he came back into the house.  Well... “Me Do Hugs.  Me Do Big Hugs!”  He ran at Dharma full force, jumped into the air, wrapped his paws around Dharma’s neck and just started licking for all he was worth.

They are finally starting to take breaks from playing.  They go all out and it’s a bit much for being in the house.  However, they are getting a special dispensation since it’s so cold and they really can’t take it outside. They both grab the same toy and, if at all possible, a tug of war is sure to commence.  He’s smart enough to let go if Dharma really shakes the thing.  But, by tonight, he was tugging and growling and shaking his end.  He actually wins and walks off with whatever fairly regularly.  We’ve decided not to tell him that Dharma is literally letting him get away with ‘it’.  The ice cube & carrot stick wars are really something to see.  If Dharma drops anything, he swoops in, grabs it, and runs into his crate with it since he knows that Dharma can’t get it there.  He just drops it and then runs right back until he’s sure that Dharma isn’t going to drop anything else.  Once he’s sure, he heads back to the crate to  his glorious stash.  

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