Honey aka Cornbread

3/12/07:  Honey is doing great she may even be getting close to being done growing. Wynter and her friends switch the leash between them on walks because she wares them out! There is never any problem getting them to walk her because they say she's a teenage boy magnet! I'll let you know after her appt. next month how much she weighs now. I'm inclosing some pictures I took this weekend, hope you like them. till next time take care.   


Cornbread is living with a lovely young lady and her parents in Kansas City and be pampered and spoiled.          

Cornbread at 3 months: Email from Wynter:  Cornbread, I think is very happy now.  At first she had a habit of chewing on shoes but not to long after she got settled in she quickly switched to chewing on toys.

9/05/06  Cornbread is growing like a bad weed! She is full of energy and has the most loving personality, she brightens our lives and we thank you for her. She is due for her rabies vac. and some others this month and I being a coward will have Jeff take her while I'm at work. We have been going to the park alot and she loves the lake and the ducks. I'm sending a few more pics so you can see how she's growing. I' ve been giving her vitamins to help her joints stay healthy .P.S. cornbread is having problems coming when we call her because we call her Honey so much she thinks that's her name!                     

When Cornbread was a baby before she got adopted.

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