Cooper  aka  Thunder

3/29/10: Cooper (Thunder) is doing fine.  He enjoys hiking with us as shown in the picture.  He is a great dog, very alert and attentive.  He enjoys patrolling our 10 acres and making sure everyone is accounted for.  Hope all is well with you.  Take care.  Larry

A note from his new family:  Cooper is doing great. We have moved into our new home on 10 acres and he enjoys roaming the place. He and our basset hound, Daisy, remain great friends and are pretty much inseparable. My mother in law is living with us. She is in her 80's and adores Cooper. He could not be more gentle around her.

Cooper enjoys trotting around the pasture and keeping an eye on the horses. He is very tuned in to my wife and I and is always present. When I travel, he won't leave my wife's side when she is doing chores at the barn or around the place. Thanks so much for providing him to us. He is a loved part of the family.


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