The Consumer

I am a consumer. Iím not unique. Iím just pissed. That probably doesnít make me unique either.
I have worked both sides of the counter. I have spent most of my life being a maker of goods. I took pride in what I made. I was not perfect. I was not the best. But I did my best. And I stood behind my work. I did my best to make my customers happy. My businesses were built on my reputation. Sometimes I had to bend when I didnít feel like I should, but my bottom line was not marked with $$$ signs. It was measured by the golden rule.

That seems to be gone. For the past year I have had dealings with dozens of businesses (& individual workers). Some are local, some out of town, others thru the internet. Some are small family run while others are big corporation run. As strange as it may seem, I have had considerably LESS trouble with my internet purchases then with the personal contact of local and out of town businesses. Misrepresentation and flat out lies to make their bottom line has been the rule rather then the exception. It seems once they have my money in their hand (or a contract signed), I have no recourse if something is not right.

When is the last time you read the fine print before signing something? I do. And I read slowly. If the provider is impatient, so be it. I am not intimidated. And I ask questions. Sometimes I even make them write their explanation in the margin and initial it. Many times I back out and refuse to sign because I am not getting what they have verbally represented. Yes, I can be a business persons worst nightmare, but only if they deserve it. 

I am exhausted. That is what these business hope for. For the consumer to give up and write it off to experience. After all, there are billions of us consumers.

Where have all the upstanding people gone? I can sure tell you where they arenít.