1/26/14:  Colby moved into the house a few weeks ago.  He gets along great with the house pack.  He is playful and silly and the only one to tolerate Sasha Ann, the ASD/Pyr puppy.  His knee is improving but he will be on inexpensive ($10 for 3 months) meds for the arthritis for the rest of his life.
11/07/13:  Colby has been here 10 days and he has already won our hearts.  Such a gentle, laid back boy.  He made friends immediately with Leslie (another Pyr).   He made himself right at home in the shop, discovering the dog beds.  No issues but he is very lonesome not having a human in attendance more.  When I took Leslie to the vet, he managed to get the gate open and followed until I let him in the car to go along.  The gate is secure now.  Good inside manners.  Absolutely no accidents but he does have a doggie door to use.  He loves a walk and a car ride.  Great for both.  He is a total love. 
    He had x-rays of his head, hip and leg. As I suspected when he arrived, what animal control called an abscess turned out to be the entry spot of a .40 cal. bullet in his head.  It missed everything important, not touching the brain nor the eyes.  Vet removed it and he is recovering just fine.   The hip x-ray showed mild displacia and arthritis.  He recommended use of a mild anti-inflammatory.  The leg x-ray showed a slight tear in the knee tendons.  Vet said the knee should heal on it's own if he does not aggravate it.  (Ozark Dogs will pay for the surgery if it becomes necessary).
     Despite all he has been through, he trusts people, very affectionate, loves attention.  He is deserving of a forever home where he will never face a life like he had in his past.
    He is a very tall boy at about 32" and weighs around 100 pounds.