7/02/10:  Although Click's time here was less then 24 hours, he touched my heart very deeply.  Setting in a cage at animal control hoping to be adopted but passed by week after week, his time ran out.   I was notified and made arrangements to bring him home.  On Wednesday he got neutered.  The vet there noticed the new bump on his nose and biopsied it, but failed to get to examining it right away.  Thursday I met part way to get him.  I figured while I had him in the vehicle, I would just stop on the way home and get his heartworm test and rabies.  I might as well see if there was something I should be putting on the nose, too.  Wendy came out shaking her head.  First thought: heartworm positive.  But it turned out to be much worse then that.  Blastomycosis.  I had never heard of it.  She spent a long time explaining it.  Of course, it could be just a bump on the nose that got infected.  We'd start with antibiotics.   But for sure he needed quarantined.   Friday I heard from the first vet who confirmed with my vet.  And so we had to say goodbye to Click in such a short time.   It is just as hard after 24 hours as it is after 24 months or 12 years.  I am so sorry, Click, that I could not give you a future. 

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