Civilized, we call ourselves,
The human race, we are.
We read, we write, we invent things,
We travel near and far.


We set our goal to gain success,
We learn, we teach, we labor.
We earn, we spend, & maybe save.
Things have become our favor.


The wife will work to make ends meet.

The child will go to the sitter.
We buy a car and then a house
And wonder why our child is bitter.

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We are consumed by all our stuff .
We find escape in drink or drug.
The child is left to tend himself.
Forever missing a kiss, a hug.


But the wild animal spends her time
In search for need, not want.
She is devoted to her young,
Protecting them from human taunt.

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She sees that they are fed & warm. 
Her love is their realization.
She knows they must learn quickly, 
To survive this civilization.


We are the human beings,

The intelligent life on earth.
So from the animal we should learn
Civilization needs a rebirth.

Carol 1994