These pictures should speak pretty loud and clear!  These are Great Pyrenees puppies born on Christmas.  They just came into rescue Feb. 22, 2007.  They have sarcoptic mange, all have mobility problems, three have leg/feet problems, two have pneumonia, all are way underweight and very malnourished, and worm infested. BUT in spite of it all, they are loving and trusting. The good news is, we are certain that 5 will recover fully with a lot of medication, therapy and TLC. For the 2 with pneumonia, it will be a much tougher struggle, but they have heart!   Their cure is going to be expensive.  With several other dogs in my care needing surgical procedures in the near future,  these poor little puppies have already put a big strain on the finances. 

Some people would wonder why bother?  Well, if you went to rescue seven 9 week old puppies you thought were reasonably healthy and saw the painful, suffering looks on their faces, could you turn your back and walk away.  We couldn't.  And we know there is hope.  In just 12 hours of care, five are thriving, giving kisses and beginning to walk with less problem.  Some day a few months from now, we hope to have them healthy enough to go to forever homes.  Already we are seeing some wonderful (and grateful) personalities shine through the suffering they are enduring. 

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