5/15/16: Chloe is returning to the farm.  She needed a 'time out'.   She is good with most other dogs but had decided there is one she does not like.  Hopefully the 'time out' will solve this.

Chloe is adopted

6/23/15:  Chloe is starting to really relax and having 'puppy moments'.  She is throwing a squeaky toy around and chasing it across the floor.  She will pick up a dog quilt and shake the heck out of it.  She is having a hard time distinguishing the quilt from my table cloth, though.  That fabric hanging in front of her nose is so tempting.   She loves to "fluff" anything on the floor.

She often sleeps next to my bed.  She learns rules quickly and after one "off" has not gotten up on the bed sense.  She wants very much to get approval from her human as well as from the other dogs.

She has developed a funny habit.  There are feeding rules and dogs cannot 'hover' over anothers food dish.  She will eat some and then leave.  Then she will go back an eat some more a few minutes later.  Then when she is full, she flips the food out of the dish for the others to eat.  I guess it is her way of 'bending' my rule.

5/22/15:  Chloe is a total love.  Her only downfall that got her into rescue was a disagreement over who should guard the livestock, her or the donkey.  The donkey apparently won as Chloe is now here looking for a nice person to cuddle with. 

They said she is between 4 and 5 years old.  She has been vetted and kept on heartworm prevention.  Never abused or neglected.  She is a well adjusted girl, however is afraid of storms.  Beyond that, I don't know any more of her history.

She has made herself at home on a crib mattress bed and is enjoying being inside, even if it is just a space in the garage for a few days.  The resident dogs share a fence line and they have already accepted her should she get to go in their area.