Chipi is shy but a very sweet Pyrenees mix.  Not sure what she is mixed with.  She has been great here, but she needs less stress from being one of the bottom 2 of the pecking order.  Her favorite time is when she is alone with us or with just one other dog who will not push her out of the way.  She is an inside/outside dog but prefers to be where ever her people are.  Excellent manners.  Does pull on leash, but only at first from enthusiasm for a walk.  Rides great in the car.  Understands 'no' or simply a frown and shake of your head.

She had been here so long, she was going to live out her life here UNTIL human illness is forcing us to find homes for most of the dogs.  It is very sad, but better then waiting until someone else has to make these decisions about them.  Someone who may not love them as we do.

History: I first met Chipi in 2006 when I went to rescue 3 of her litter of 5 puppies.  She would not come near anyone but her owner and the goats.  Her puppies are Rayn, Storm (aka Max), Thunder, Oz and Duncan.  In Dec 2007 the owner contacted me.  He was dying and wanted me to take Chipi, Shaggy and the daddy to the 3 Pyr pups.  Shaggy was the daddy of the 2 Komondor pups.   I took Chipi and Shaggy.  I was leery of the other dog.  Chipi is a Great Pyrenees mixed with maybe some husky, shepherd or wolf mixed in, but a gentle, loving disposition.   She had spent her life with the goats, yet she adapted to human companionship quite nicely.  She now sticks like glue to us and protects us as if we were her goats!   She will turn 10 sometime in 2014.  

January 2013
9/29/08:  Chipi enjoys the wind to her back better then in her face.  Goggles are next on the list.  A happy smile when the boat slows.  She doesn't mind her life jacket at all.

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