Beethoven aka Cesar
From "Beethoven's" forever family: 8/6/11:  He and Samara play at least 3 hours worth a day and he adjusted to the family immediately. We donít know what we would do without him. We definitely know that when his years with us are over( which we hope are years from now), we will definitely own another Saint.
     Thanks so much Carol,

From "Beethoven's" forever family: 7/25/11:  Good Morning Carol,
    Pictured is Tamara and our Daughter Samara with Beethoven and some of himself. I will be taking some more photos for you today of him outside and I will send them to you in the morning.
    Have a great day and stay cool,


This big fella is happy go lucky.  He is silly and goofy and just a big old puppy at heart.  He does not seem to have any issues.  Good with other dogs.  He is submissive and just wants to get along.  No food issues.  He lays down with his head resting in the bowl.  He does have one particular oddity.  He can do a cow impersonation.  He also can bark, but he moos too.   Sometimes it is a bellow.  It is his way of saying "I miss you". 

He is not the best in confirmation, but he makes up for it in personality.  With a few more pounds, he will probably look better.  He is not shaved down.  He is a short coat Saint.  He is a dry mouth. 

He has great house manners, no marking, and will go to the door when he needs to go out.  Never chews up stuff and although tempted, has not counter surfed.  He also likes to cuddle and be brushed.

He is a purebred and about 3 years old and 90+ pounds.

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