Cassie ended up making a long trip from Chicago, only to return to Chicago where her forever home awaited her. 

4/4/11:  My week with Cassie has been absolutely wonderful … as is Cassie.  I cannot believe my good fortune in finding her … and although having doubts, pursued her sight unseen since the first of February.  Cassie is incredible … whoever had her in the past, trained her very well.  She barks when outside and wants to come in … vice versa when in and wanting out.  She sits in front of you for her treats … walks (not runs) on the lease …. I could go on and on. 

 Carol and Shuma, another wonderful thing has happened to me in this Cassie journey … I have met (maybe only by phone, Carol) two of the most caring people in the world.  Were it not for the two of you, my journey might not have ever happened …. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this marvelous companion.  I know Cassie is as happy as yours truly …. After the first day in LaGrange Park, the tail went out and started to wag … the ears were “straight” up and the SMILE ON CASSIE’S FACE IS PRICELESS!

 Just wanted to fill you in on life w/Cassie … it’s great!  Take care both of you …. And, again, many thanks for all you’ve done!!!


Cassie has been adopted. 

Cassie is a scared but sweet old girl.  She needs a place to live out the next 5 or so years of her life.  A quiet place where she can get the affection she so greatly needs and longs for.  She has lost trust in people, but is so ready to try again.  She yearns for belly rubs, hugs and a human body to snuggle against. 

She is on the lower end of breed size at about 60 pounds.  We think she is Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd mix.

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