1/29/16: Butter arrived 1/27 and promptly left!  No 6' fence was going to hold him.... but love and cuddling will replace any need for a fence!  He is very submissive.  He will bow down to other dogs.  He will not stand his ground.  He wants to be friends with all other animals and people.  He wants to play and entices others to join in.  While he was on his escape adventure, I learned he knows to fetch a ball.  He would be great with respectful children.  Good with the elderly or any loving person in between.  Because of his need to be around people, he needs someone who is home most of the time.  A rural area would be best.  In a residential area, he would need to be kept inside when no one is home. Outside, he will always need accompanied by someone or he will do anything to find his person.  He would be ok with another submissive dog, a kitty or just a human to cuddle with.  BUT he must have a human around pretty much full time. 

He learns quick.  Will test, but a short 'time out' in a room away from his human is a quick fix for the problems I have encountered.  A very fast learner. He has the desire to please like a Retriever.

He is underweight at 54 pounds.  He should be about 65.  Guessing a mix of Pyr, with maybe Samoyed, Akita, Malamute or Golden.  Pix do not show the possible mixes, but in person you can see the possibilities more clearly..

1/20/16:  Butter is approx. 2 years old.  No history on him.  He is not prey driven around bunnies.  He is not interested in chickens.  Fine with cats.